Instant R.V. Skirting Zipper for Light Duty Use

RV Skirting ZipperInstant peel & stick zipper is easy to install on your RV or 5th wheel skirting material.

This zipper comes 7 feet long and can be cut down to any size, 7′ or less. The adhesive tape and the zipper are one piece and are ready to install. You just need to cut to size.

These zippers are ideal for using on the 5th Wheel enclosure skirting or even the RV side skirting. You can use just one zipper to gain access in behind your skirting, but if you use two, you are able to create a zipper down door into your skirting.

The zipper itself is white, so when you mount it to the back side of the RV Skirting, it blends right in.

How to install the instant RV Zipper:

  1. Lay the skirting material down on a clean, flat surface, with the back of the skirting facing you. (The back side, is the side that faces underneath the RV when it is installed).
  2. Clean and dry the area where the zipper is going to be installed. The temperature should be at least 15c or 60F when you are installing the zipper.
  3. Before exposing the adhesive backing, lay the zipper down on the skirting to determine the length that you want to cut it down to. You will want to have the zipper open from the top down once it is in place.

    ***IMPORTANT: Place the bottom portion of the zipper (it has the small metal zipper-stop crimped into the zipper) at the point on the skirting that you want the zipper to open down to.

  4. Cut the zipper to length, leaving it down from the top of the skirting approximately ¾” of an inch.

    ***IMPORTANT: When you cut the zipper to size, do not cut off the bottom portion that has the small metal zipper stop crimped into the zipper. Cut off the opposite end.

    TIP: You may want to draw a straight line on the skirting at this point to line the zipper up with when it’s time to install.

  5. Starting with the bottom part of the zipper, remove the protective backing from the adhesive. Press the zipper into place, working from the bottom up. Apply pressure with your hand or a roller to the blue tape adhesive, making sure it is making good contact with the skirting material.
  6. Next, take the small 1½” x 3” pieces of blue adhesive tape and peel and stick one on the top of the zipper and one at the bottom. Apply them so that half of the tape sticks to the skirting material and the other half to the zipper.
  7. Now that your zipper is in place, simply unzip the zipper to the bottom position. Then, using scissors or a razor knife, BEING CAREFUL NOT TO CUT THE ZIPPER TEETH, completely cut through the entire length of your blue adhesive zipper tape and skirting material to the bottom of the zipper. It is also a good idea to give the adhesive at least 60 minutes to set before moving the skirting around too much, if possible.

Your new zipper is now installed!

Tip for Zipper Not Sticking

Because the mounting of the zipper has some important critical steps, like installation temperature and perfectly clean mounting surface etc.. Some customers choose to mount the zipper and then take it to a local upholstery shop to have them permanently sew it into position.

These zippers are designed for lighter duty use and so if the zipper is used in an application where is will be subject to a lot of strain or rough use, we recommend that you have a local upholstery shop permanently sew it onto your skirting.