23 inch Yacht Window Shade Kit


23 inch Yacht Window Shade Kit

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23 inch’ Kit includes:
– 23 inch x 6′ piece of EZ Snap™ SunScreen
– 20 x Snap Sets (Stud, pin & cap)
– 1 x FREE Removal Tool & Layout Pencil when one or more kits are ordered.
Click for info on the types EZ Snap fasteners
Use on Windows, Skylights, Boats & R.V.s
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  • Use for all 2 Ft Window Shade Kits
  • Select from the Options Below

  • Stud Type

    Install Tip: Use the 3M Adhesive Studs for skylight installs, not the screw in studs.
  • Shading Mesh Color

    All the colors will block the same 90% of heat and damaging U.V. light. BLACK: Provides the best visibility when looking through to the outside. Because it is a neutral color, it is the most popular for house windows. WHITE and BEIGE: Provide the most daytime privacy from the outside and are most popular for Skylights and RV windows.
  • Holding Power Required

    IMPORTANT!! - Use the (5 inch HEAVY DUTY) option for windows over 25 Sq/Ft, or High Wind areas. Calculate how many fastener sets you will need for your project. BETTER TO HAVE A FEW EXTRA SETS, INSTEAD OF NOT ENOUGH! Order extra fasteners in the accessories section of the store if required.
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