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RV Shades.

Exterior Solar Shades for Motorhome & Trailer Windows.

EZ Snap RV Blinds are the “Innovative product of the year” for the RV industry.

Before EZ Snap, if you wanted to have custom fit RV sunscreens for your motorhome or RV, you would have to hire a professional to come out to your location and fit them on your unit. Now, you can order online and install them yourself… achieving the same professional results, but for substantially less money.

EZ Snap RV Shades Motorhome WindshieldMake your own Motorhome windshield solar screens and RV exterior sun blinds using the new EZ Snap Fasteners. So simple and effective to use that anyone can do it. These fasteners allow you to adjust the shading mesh until you have it just perfect and wrinkle free. Then they lock together to form a strong, durable and removable snap.

You can shade not only your motorhomes windshield, but all the other windows on your rig. Block the HEAT, not the VIEW.

View the EZ Snap Video & Animations by clicking below to see the EZ Snap fasteners in action…

Protect your Investment

EZ Snap Feature in Motorhome MagazineEZ Snap RV shades not only make your RV more comfortable they also protect your valuable investment. Our unique see-through mesh blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. Protect your dash, front seats, interior walls, upholstery and curtains from the sun’s powerful rays.

EZ Snap is featured in an in-depth article in MotorHome Magazine.
Read the entire article, as well as important install notes on the last page.

IMPORTANT:  Article Correction Note: Do not install your adhesive studs on the window frame as the article shows, rather install them right beside the window frame on the flat, clean surface of the RV.

  • We recommend that you mount on the flat surface of the RV rather than the frame of the RV window since most RV frames have one of the following surface problems: They can be curved and not flat or have a powder-coated surface or rubberized surface.

Relax in Comfort

Exterior sun blinds will make a substantial difference to the interior comfort of your RV by blocking 90% of the sun’s heat outside, before it hits your windows.

EZ Snap RV shades are able to lower interior RV temperatures by up to 15 degrees.

They also reduce glare while still letting in plenty of ambient light. Our customers tell us that for them one of the best benefits to using our screens on their RV is the daytime privacy. Imagine, all day long being able to see clearly through all of your windows from the interior and while people on the outside would be unable to see in.

Simple and Quick installation

This is the best part! EZ Snap’s fasteners are designed to let anyone achieve a professional, wrinkle free looking installation the first time they use the product. The EZ Snap pins allow you to reposition the fabric as much as you require to eliminate any wrinkles. Then when you have the fabric where you want it, just lock it into position using the EZ Snap caps. Once the caps are on you have now formed a snap that can be unsnapped from the motor home at any time.

Another feature of our Unique shading mesh is that it is a ” Non-Fray” material. This means that you can cut it and not have to hem it and it will not unravel or fray.

This amazing property is what allows you to do any shape of window or place cutouts for objects into the mesh without any hemming or binding of the edge. Don’t want to drill into your RV? If you are concerned about drilling into your motorhome or RV with our screw studs, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to.

EZ Snap Adhesive Stud No Screw FastenerWhen you order your RV kit, it comes with our 3M VHB adhesive stud, instead of the screw in studs. These studs, simply peel and stick to your RV’s exterior. As long as the surface is clean and flat they will be stuck into position for as long as you want them there (SEE VIDEO) . If you should ever decide to remove them, a Q-Tip with some isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) on it will release the adhesive, allowing you to remove them without a trace.

Installation Tips for 3M EZ Snap Adhesive Stud (No Screw) Fasteners

  • EZ Snap Adhesive Studs Time Bond ChartTo ensure good adhesion, clean surface with isopropyl alcohol. This helps remove any film, dirt or oxidation.
  • Install only when temperatures are above 10 Celsius or 50 Fahrenheit.
  • When installing on a curved windshield, remember to try and create a slight air gap between the glass and the mesh for improved efficiency, you may need to order extra fasteners for this, to increase tension and fastening points.
  • Adhesive studs should be pressed into place with at least 15 lbs of pressure. Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact. Firm pressure develops better adhesive contact and helps improve bond strength.
  • When possible, wait 30 to 60 minutes after installing the studs, before installing the shading mesh. The longer you wait the stronger the bond. See the chart to the right.
  • The 3M studs work extremely well on clean flat surfaces like vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass, but they are not recommend on wood. Customers have successfully applied them to wood, but this is usually when the wood surface has been very smooth and sealed. We cannot guarantee results on wood or porous surfaces.