Exterior RV Window Sun Shades – DIY Kits

Patented “No-Drill” fasteners 

Exterior Heat Blocking RV Sun Shades

Blocks The Heat, Not The View.

Thermo-Weave™ RV Sun Screens block up to 90% of the sun’s heat & UV rays, WITHOUT BLOCKING YOUR VIEW.

Easy & Quick To Install

Patented EZ  “No-Drill” system features 3M extreme hold VHB adhesive. No special tools or experience required.

Fits Any Size or Shape of RV Window

“Non-Fray” Thermo-Weave™ shading kits will fit any size or type of RV window and are cut to size on-site.

Save Money - Reduce RV A/C Costs

RV Solar Shades pay for themselves in reduced cooling costs. Up to 15° degrees cooler & reduced UV damage.

3M™ Extreme Hold Technology

“No-Drill” fasteners feature 3M® VHB adhesive. Super holding power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

  3′ x 6′ Kit =   $66.95
  5′ x 6′ Kit =   $129.95
  7′ x 6′ Kit = $143.00
10′ x 6′ Kit $194.95
12′ x 6′ Kit = $239.95
Larger Kits Available – From 15′ to 150′
One Kit can do Multiple RV Windows
making the cost per Window much less!

Get Your Price in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Choose the Best Fastener Location

Fastener Types

3M™ Adhesive Stud Set
For all smooth, flat surfaces including glass.

3M™ COMBO Stud Set
For all Surfaces. Stainless Steel center screw.

Stainless Steel Stud Set
For all Surfaces.  Stainless Steel screw style.

   If the side of the RV is textured, you can always mount on the RV window glass if it does not slide. 

The EZ Snap® Fastener system has 3 separate components, the cap, pin, and stud.

This patented fastening system makes your RV window sun shade install quick and easy.

Smooth, Flat and 1″ Wide

No Textured Surfaces

No Curved Surfaces

Too Narrow

Step 2 – Measure or Estimate your RV Window Sizes

 How to Measure your RV windows:

Measure width and height from fastener to fastener, then add 2 inches to your measurements.
These are the measurements of the actual size of the EZ Snap® shading mesh you will need.

  Can’t Measure Right Now?

Estimate the size of your windows if measuring now is not practical.
Be sure to get exact measurements before ordering.

Step 3 – Use our Online Calculator to get your Instant Quote

Results will Include the Following:

Price of your kit 

Kit size you will need

Number of fasteners needed

A printable
cutting guide

Still Have Questions ?
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“Shade Product of the Year”

EZ Snap® Quick & EZ

The patented EZ Snap® fasteners & our proprietary non-fray fabrics make it easy for you to “cut to size” and install right on site.
Our “NO DRILL” 3M™ adhesive snap studs also mean no holes in your skylights, windows or RV with professional-looking results, every time.

The EZ Snap® RV heat blocking shades will fit all makes and models of RV. From 5th wheels, travel trailers, Airsteams, and motorhomes.


  • No Experience Needed
  • No Special Tools Required
  • “No-Drill” 3M™ Adhesive Studs
  • Non-Fray EZ Snap™ Solar Shading Mesh

Thermo-Weave™ RV Window Shading Mesh

“Non-Fray” Bonded Mesh for Extreme Weather Performance.

  • Non-Fray Coating

  • Optical Grade

  • Bonded & Braided Scrim for extreme weather performance

  • Dimensionally Stable

  • Super Strong Core Fibers

  • Encapsulated Weave

EZ Snap Thermo weave exterior shade cloth. Blocks up to 90 % of the sun's heat without blocking the view.

Blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and damaging U.V. rays.

The proprietary encapsulated Thermo-Weave™ shading mesh may be cut to any size or shape of RV window without the need for hemming or binding the cut edges.

This unique shade cloth, developed by EZ Snap®, allows the “Do-it-Yourselfer” to create professional-looking finished RV shade screens without any need for expensive tools or high priced professional upholsterers.

When installed using the patented EZ Snap fasteners, you will get professional, wrinkle-free results every time.

EZ Snap® exterior shade cloth has been specifically designed to work with the EZ Snap fastener system.
: if you chose to use a fabric other than EZ Snap® shading mesh, it will void the fastener warranty.

EZ Snap Patented encapsulated Thermo weave shading mesh

EZ Snap’s RV Shading Mesh is Optical Grade

Blocks the Heat – Not the View

Unlike many shading mesh fabrics, we have designed our sun screen material to reduce view distortion and weave variance, while still blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heating and damaging UV rays.

With EZ Snap® exterior sun shades installed, you will be able to open up and retract your interior blinds and shades, giving you an even better view outside.

Dept of Energy also has proven that outdoor mounted shade mesh is up to 7 times more effective than interior blinds, shades or RV window tinting.

Relax in Cool Comfort

EZ Snap RV Shades can Lower Interior RV Temperatures up to 15 Degrees.

Exterior sun blinds will make a substantial difference to the interior comfort of your RV by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat outside, before it hits your windows.

Our happy customers tell us their RV’s feel cooler immediately after installing EZ Snap® window shades. Read our RV Shade Reviews here… 

Optical Grade RV Shade Mesh reduces glare while still letting in plenty of ambient light. Additionally, one of the best benefits to using our screens is daytime privacy. Imagine, all day long being able to see clearly out through all your windows (from the interior) while people on the outside are unable to see in.

How EZ Snap® Pricing Works

Combine Multiple Windows & Skylights to Save Money

Larger Shade Kits work well for projects that include multiple windows or skylights. Find the best kit using the EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator.

EZ Snap Window Shade Kit Size Calculator

The EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator determines the best layout for your shades and then recommends the correct size Shade Kit for each project.

Remember to enter your email address to receive a customized layout diagram and snap counts for each skylight or window... very helpful for ordering correctly and planning your cuts before starting your installation.

Windows may be rotated for efficient nesting of multiple Shades. Find the most efficient layout easily with the EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator.

3D Animation of the EZ Snap Fastener System in Action.

This animation shows how the different EZ Snap parts fit together.

This RV Shade Sunscreen animation shows how easy it is to fashion your own exterior RV solar shades on your RV windows.

This animation first shows the “Peel and Stick” 3M Adhesive Snaps attaching to an RV, then the EZ Snap pin, followed by the EZ Snap Thermo Weave shade cloth. And finally, it is all held in place by the color matching locking cap.

DIY – Do It Yourself Install

No Special Tools, Drilling, or Screws required.

Make your own Motorhome windshield solar screens and RV exterior sun blinds using the new EZ Snap Adhesive Fasteners.

So simple and effective to use that anyone can do it.

These No-Drill Fasteners allow you to adjust the shading mesh until you have it just perfect and wrinkle free. Then they lock together to form a strong, durable and removable snap without drilling holes or using screws.

You can shade not only your motorhome or coach windshield, but all the other windows and skylights on your rig. Fits all sizes and shapes of windows on trailers and 5th wheels too.

Block the heat, not the view… and get more privacy inside your RV.

Warning: Do Not Drive with RV Shades On

RV Shades Must be Removed Before Travel:

Highway speed wind whip may prematurely wear out Shade Mesh.

Also, if a Shade detached during travel, it could be lost. Even worse, the flying shade could land on the windshield of the car behind you causing possible liability.

RV Window Shades

Exterior Solar Shades for Motorhome, 5th Wheel & Trailer Windows.

Block the heat, not the view by installing outdoor EZ Snap® shade blinds. Easy do-it-yourself patented system that delivers professional looking results on your recreational vehicle, without drilling or screws.

Blocking the sun outside with shade material is up to 7 times more efficient than these traditional interior RV window treatments: RV roller shades, RV pleated shades, RV blackout shades, reflective sun shade material or RV quick shades.

Before EZ Snap®, if you wanted to have custom RV sunscreens for your motorhome, fifth wheel or trailer, you’d have to hire a professional to come out to your location and custom fit them on your RV. Often expensive, with no guarantee of a good fit or high quality window shade materials.

Now, using the patented and proven EZ Snap® System, you can order your Window Shade Kit securely online, install them yourself, and achieve professional results (but for substantially less money).

EZ Snap® Exterior RV Blinds are the “Innovative sun-blocking product of the year” for the RV industry.


EZ Snap Reviews RV Shades

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Impressed with how much sun and heat they block because they are mounted on the exterior of the coach.”
Paul & Lynn Barzler

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a sun shade for their RV.”

EZ Snap® Reviews

“This was a good purchase and we are very happy we did it.”
George Kolb

EZ Snap® Reviews

“It was extremely easy to install and went faster then I thought it would.”
Nick Glaser

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Great product! It reduced the heat in our RV.”

How EZ Snap® Pricing Works

Combine Multiple Windows & Skylights to Save Money

Larger Shade Kits work well for projects that include multiple windows or skylights. Find the best kit using the EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator.

EZ Snap Window Shade Kit Size Calculator

The EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator determines the best layout for your shades and then recommends the correct size Shade Kit for each project.

Remember to enter your email address to receive a customized layout diagram and snap counts for each skylight or window... very helpful for ordering correctly and planning your cuts before starting your installation.

Windows may be rotated for efficient nesting of multiple Shades. Find the most efficient layout easily with the EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator.

Video Review by “LoveyourRV.com”

Watch these short videos and see just how Quick & Easy, EZ Snap® RV Shades are to install .

RV Shade Screen Video shows how to attach exterior solar blinds on RV windows of all sizes, including motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers.

See close-up video of how the 3M Adhesive Snaps attach to your RV, how the Shade Material easily pops onto pins, and see the finished installation with Caps in place. Featuring the EZ Snap Thermo-weave™ non-fray shading mesh.

Protect Your RV Investment from the Sun

Protect your dash, front seats, interior walls, upholstery and curtains from the sun’s powerful rays.


Ultraviolet rays and intense heat passing through your motorhome windshield, trailer windows, or skylights will cause rapid and excessive wear and tear.

Blocking the UV rays and heat outside, before they pass through your windows, is up to 7 times more effective than interior sun shade options.

EZ Snap® RV shades not only protect your valuable investment, exterior solar shades also make your RV more comfortable. Our unique see-through mesh blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays.

Stop UV damage using EZ Snap exterior shades

Simple & Quick Installation

EZ Snap® Fasteners are designed to let anyone achieve a professional, wrinkle-free exterior shade installation.

The EZ Snap® Pins allow you to reposition the Shade Fabric during installation to eliminate any wrinkles. Once the Shade is placed where you want it and hanging nicely, the EZ Snap® Caps lock into position. With the Caps locked on you have snaps that can be unsnapped from the motor home, fifth wheel, or trailer at any time.

Our unique Shading Mesh is a “Non-Fray” material. This means you can cut it and the edges will not unravel or fray.

This “Non-Fray” material is what allows you to do any shape of window or place cutouts for objects into the mesh without any hemming or binding of the edges.

Shade Multiple Windows with One Large Kit

EZ Snap® Shade Material is 6 feet (72″) wide, by whatever kit length you order. For example:

3 Foot Kit is 6 by 3 feet
5 Foot Kit is 6 by 5 feet
20 Foot Kit is 6 by 20 feet

It is best to order one kit for your whole project. For more information about RV Window Shades, follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Windows may be rotated for efficient nesting of multiple Shades. Find the most efficient layout easily with the EZ Snap® Kit Size Calculator.

Tip: When shading multiple windows, it is most efficient to order one large kit for your whole project. Enter measurements into the EZ Snap Kit Size Calculator to figure out the best Window Shade Kit for your project.

EZ Snap Window Shade Kit Size Calculator

How to Measure RV Windows

Exterior Window Shades are ideally fastened to the side of your RV, just beyond the edge of the window frames.

For frameless windows, Shades may be mounted directly onto the window glass. Mounting on the glass allows for split crank-out windows to open and close, even when Shades are on.

When measuring your windows, go from the centre of the Fastener position on the left, across the window, to the centre of the Fastener position on the right, then add 2 inches. Repeat, measuring from top to bottom, then add 2 inches.

The EZ Snap Calculator provides a detailed layout diagram, that is helpful when it’s time to cut your Shade Mesh to fit your RV windows. Also included in the EZ Snap Calculator results are the exact Fastener counts for each window.

When covering multiple windows and skylights, it’s important to use the washable layout pencil to mark your layout on the Shade Mesh before you start cutting. Measure twice, cut once.

Don’t want to drill into your RV?

If you are concerned about drilling into your motorhome or RV with our screw studs, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to.

When ordering your RV Window Shade Kit, select our 3M VHB Adhesive Studs, instead of screw in studs. Adhesive studs simply peel and stick to your RV’s exterior. As long as the surface is clean and flat they will be stuck firmly into position (SEE VIDEO).

Installation Tips for 3M EZ Snap® Adhesive Stud

No Screw, No Holes Fasteners…

  • To ensure good adhesion, clean surface with isopropyl alcohol. This helps remove any film, dirt or oxidation.
  • Install only when temperatures are above 15 Celsius or 60 Fahrenheit.
  • When installing on a curved windshield, remember to try and create a slight air gap between the glass and the mesh for improved efficiency, you may need to order extra fasteners for this, to increase tension and fastening points.
  • Adhesive studs should be pressed into place with at least 15 lbs of pressure. Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact. Firm pressure develops better adhesive contact and helps improve bond strength.
  • When possible, wait 30 to 60 minutes after installing the studs, before installing the shading mesh. The longer you wait the stronger the bond. See the chart to the right.
  • The 3M studs work extremely well on clean flat surfaces like vinyl, aluminum or fibreglass, but they are not recommend on wood. Customers have successfully applied them to wood, but this is usually when the wood surface has been very smooth and sealed. We cannot guarantee results on wood or porous surfaces.

EZ Snap® Featured Article in MotorHome Magazine

EZ Snap Feature in Motorhome Magazine“Sun Diffusion… Installing custom-cut shade mesh on motorhome windows is made practical and simple with kits from EZ Snap Direct – no drilling required.”

“Since motorhomes aren’t built like houses, with thick walls and lots of insulation, we’re often looking for ways to keep the hot sun from streaming though our ample – and often large – windows, without having to draw the shades.

Shade mesh is one of the best answers – polyethylene fabric, attached on the outside, partially blocking the sun. This type of mesh has been marketed for years to homes in hot regions and is available in a variety of configurations including drop shades from awnings, and windshield covers for motorhomes. Depending on the weave, the mesh may block 50 to 90 percent of the sun’s rays, greatly reducing heat and UV damage while still allowing daytime visibility and some airflow.

While installation of shade mesh on windows usually requires mounting twist-locks on the side of walls and grommets in the fabric to allow removal for travel, a company out of Oroville, Washington, and Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, EZ Snap Direct, offers kits that simplify the process with the use of unique three-piece snaps that are easy to install and require no drilling…” Read the entire article, as well as important install notes on the last page.

IMPORTANT Article Correction Note:

Do not install your adhesive studs on the window frame as shown in the magazine article. Install your 3M Adhesive Fasteners right beside the window frame, on the flat, clean surface of the RV.

We recommend that you mount on the flat surface of the RV rather than the frame of the RV window since most RV frames have one of the following surface problems: curved, not flat, or have a powder-coated or rubberized surface.

Photos of Exterior Window Shades for RV’s

EZ Snap® window shade mesh installs outside with or without screws.