How to Install your own RV Skirting.

This older video describes the basics of installing your own custom-fit RV Skirting or RV underpinning. This video is a good general overview, but it’s not very detailed.

Please see the videos, below, for more up-to-date detailed instructions on how to order and install EZ Snap® RV Skirting.

EZ Snap® RV Skirting kits are designed to fit all types of RVs, including Fifth-Wheels, Travel Trailers, Class A, B, and C, as well as Air-Stream trailers.

EZ Snap® RV Skirting is the #1 Selling RV Skirting Kit in North America.

Review of EZ Snap RV Skirting and Demo of Installing EZ Snap RV Skirting.

EZ Snap® was recently reviewed by Check out the video they did on the installation of their EZ Snap RV skirting and 5th Wheel hitch enclosure.

In addition, in the video below, Ray from also came up with a unique way of building a framework to attach his hitch enclosure. The versatility of the Diamond Weave RV skirting material and its non-fray properties allows it to be “Cut to Fit” on-site for a perfect fit.

Installing EZ Snap 5th Wheel Hitch Skirting kit.

Ray from recently installed an EZ Snap hitch enclosure kit to the front of his fifth-wheel trailer.  This video shows how Ray decided to add a wooden frame-work to this area before he installed his skirting.

The Diamond Weave skirting material from EZ Snap was the perfect solution to this winterization project with its non-fray, cut to fit properties. Diamond weave material has a -40 cold crack rating for even the most severe winter weather.

EZ Snap Skirting – How to Order & Unboxing Video.

Ray from recorded a detailed video showing how to figure out what size kit you’ll need for your RV using our online RV Skirting Kit Size Calculator.

Next, Ray shows how he selected the options and extras he wanted in our shopping cart, and how he placed the online order.

The end of the video covers the unboxing and clearly shows all of the contents that arrived in Ray’s kit.

EZ Snap Skirting – How to Install Around Bumpers & Stairs Video.

Another video from Ray at shows how to install Skirting around the bars that hold the bumper on the back of the RV.

Next, Ray shows how he cut the RV Skirting down from the top edge, where his stairs are located below the door.

For bumpers and stairs, it’s best to carefully cut down from the top edge of the Skirting. Only cut down as far as needed for the bars or stairs to fit through, leaving the Skirting in tact below the slit and down to the ground.

Securing RV Skirting Against Wind Damage with a Pipe Frame.

Ray from did up a great video showing how to build a 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe frame around the base of the RV skirting to keep the wind out. Skirting is tucked under the pipe frame, weighted down with sandbags, paving stones, etc. hiding the pipe and weights from view behind the skirting.

With the pipe frame and weights installed, the Skirting hangs nice and straight and the frame holds the entire perimeter of the Skirting down, securing the whole installation against wind damage.

RV Skirting Velcro Installation.

EZ Snap Gecko Velcro is designed with a special glue additive that sticks securely to vinyl when installed correctly.

This video provides a quick demo showing how to intall the peel-n-stick Velcro.

It is important to have a firm and flat surface behind the Skirting when the Velcro is applied so you can press firmly on the Skirting. The goal is to force out any air bubbles and make sure the Adhesive has full contact with the Skirting.

Some kind of a roller or a can of soup work better than your fingers for Velcro application.

Removing EZ Snap® RV Skirting Video.

This video shows how quick and EZ it is to remove our RV Skirting for travel.

Be sure to use the Removal Tool or a small straight-blade screw driver to undo the Fasteners as you work your way around the RV. This undoes the Fasteners without pulling on anything.

Once the Skirting is off, roll it up for storage / transport. If you’ve got a plastic pipe frame, take that apart as well.

One of the main benefits of EZ Snap® RV Skirting is that it is compact and light weight… perfect for RV travel.

How to Use the Removal Tool.

This video describes how to properly use the EZ Snap® removal tool so that you do not damage your EZ Snap® fasteners.

As seen in the video, the removal tool is placed between the base of the pin and the stud, NOT between the pin and the cap.

Once the removal tool is in position, turn it like a key to un-snap the pin from the stud.

This method is the same whether you are using to remove your EZ Snap® window shades or the EZ Snap® RV Skirting from your RV.

Amazing Breakthrough Shade Product Innovation by EZ Snap®.

EZ Snap® is the “Shade product of the Year”. Even a shark agrees. Our patented “No -Drill” fasteners feature the latest in 3M adhesive technology.

We have helped tens of thousands of happy EZ Snap® customers “Block the Heat, Without Blocking the View”.

Also, the Non-Fray shading mesh can be cut to size right on-site to fit all shapes and sizes of windows.

It is also very popular for shading RV windows, Skylights, and boats.

The EZ Snap® shading mesh stops up to 90% of the sun’s heat, without blocking the view.

RV Shade Review by “”

Watch these short videos and see just how Quick & Easy, EZ Snap® RV Shades are to install .

RV Shade Screen Video shows how to attach exterior solar blinds on RV windows of all sizes, including motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers.

See close-up video of how the 3M Adhesive Snaps attach to your RV, how the Shade Material easily pops onto pins, and see the finished installation with Caps in place. Featuring the EZ Snap Thermo-weave™ non-fray shading mesh.

Yacht Shade Review by “Retiring – Afloat”

Dinis was kind enough to share his videos showing EZ Snap™ boat shades installed on his luxury catamaran.

The first Yacht Shade Screen Video shows the outside and inside views of our optical grade 90% shade factor material.

Dinis then compares black and white shades which is very useful when trying to decide the best look for your project. EZ Snap Thermo-weave™ non-fray shades offer increased privacy.

The final video shows a do-it-yourself roll up option to keep the boat shades installed across the top of the window, but out of view for travelling.


Boat Shades for CHB Trawler

Here’s a video showing EZ Snap™ yacht shades being installed on a converted trawler.

This detailed installation video starts with  opening the box to see all the kit contents. It also shows how to install the EZ Snap 3M Adhesive Fasteners and Shade Mesh.

The end of the video shows the view through the white Shade Mesh from inside the boat.

EZ Snap® Benefits.

Learn all the benefits of installing EZ Snap shades on your windows, skylights, RV, or boat.

No experience is required to install your own EZ Snap exterior heat blocking blinds. Quickly solve the problems of the sun’s heat and U.V. rays.

We have had tens of thousands of happy customers over the years who have successfully installed their own EZ Snap with professional results.

Start enjoying all the benefits  EZ Snap shades can provide. See what kit is right for your project and use our new Shade Kit Size Calculator.

Customer stops Melted Vinyl Siding Issue using EZ Snap® Shade.

We received this video from a customer who had a problem with reflected sunlight melting the siding on his neighbour’s house.

He made a video of his experience with using the EZ Snap solution and his opinion of the results.

As long as you install EZ Snap shades on the offending window, it’s an instant solution to melted vinyl siding problems.

This is a common problem for not only melted siding but artificial turf, car mirrors, etc. See what kit is right for your project and use our new Shade Kit Size Calculator.