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Easy to Install • Saves Energy • Retains the View

Yacht Shades

Exterior Boat Window Shades Block the Sun.

Yacht solar shades are the ideal way to keep the heat out, but still have your view.

These exterior solar blinds have the added benefit of giving you privacy while your boat is moored. Even though you can see through the shading mesh just fine from inside the boat’s cabin, people on the outside cannot see in.

Effective DIY solar shades that block heat for windshields, side windows and Bomar Hatches.

No holes to drill… No sewing… No special tools required

When you use the EZ Snap adhesive studs, there is no need to drill holes in your boat or window frame to mount the shades.

All of the EZ Snap fasteners and mesh are designed to stand up to marine conditions such as salt water and hot or cold weather.

The fasteners are also designed to stand up to the strong winds found on the open ocean.

EZ Snap® Videos

Watch the videos and animations below to get a better idea of how the fastener system works…

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Everything turned out exactly as we hoped. Easy to install and very effective.”
Paul A.

EZ Snap® Reviews

“I love my boat shades… easy to install.”

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Worked perfectly. Easy installation and excellent protection for my Bowmar hatches.”
Pete Cherouny

Protect Your Marine Investment from Heat & UV Damage

EZ Snap boat shades will not only make your vessel more comfortable, but they also protect your valuable investment.

The optical grade, see-thru mesh blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays.

This will save your instrument dash, upholstery, carpet and curtains from the sun’s damaging rays.

Fast and Easy installation on power boats, yachts, and sailboats to block sun and heat for windshields, side windows, and Bomar Hatches.

How to Measure Boat Windows.

Exterior Yacht Window Shades are ideally fastened to the side of your boat, just beyond the edge of the window frames. Shades can also be mounted directly onto the window glass, if necessary.

When measuring your windows, go from the centre of the Fastener position on the left, across the window, to the centre of the Fastener position on the right, then add 2 inches. Repeat, measuring from top to bottom, then add 2 inches.

Tip: Print our Measuring Guide and fill it in to figure out which Window Shade Kit you need. Your completed guide will also be helpful when it’s time to cut your Shade Mesh to fit your yacht windows. When covering multiple windows, it’s important to use the washable layout pencil to mark your layout on the Shade Mesh before you start cutting. Measure twice, cut once.

EZ Snap® Shade Material is 6 feet (72″) wide, by whatever kit length your order. For example:

3 Foot Kit is 6 by 3 feet
5 Foot Kit is 6 by 5 feet
20 Foot Kit is 6 by 20 feet

For more detailed instructions on How to Measure RV & Yacht Windows for Shades, follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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