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EZ Snap Reviews & Testimonials

Sun Shade & RV Skirting Customer Feedback…

After more than a decade of providing high quality shade and skirting materials, EZ Snap has thousands of happy customers. Here are some reviews that we have received from all over the USA,Canada, and Australia.

by Jeff Clark on RV Skirting
Installation of the skirt on our Airstream (Betty) couldn't have been easier...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

EZ Snap Airstream RV Skirting Review Clark FrontInstallation of the skirt on our Airstream (Betty) couldn't have been easier.

Cleaning the side of the trailer before attaching the adhesive fasteners took the most time and was my least favorite part of the process. After cleaning it was a straightforward and satisfying process.

I purchased both grey and black fasteners. I used the black for the on the black section of the trailer and grey for silver sections, this way you don't notice the fasteners when the skirt is not attached. I was glad to have this option.

Hanging the skirt for the first time required two people to ensure it is hung straight. This went much more quickly than I expected.

The total time to get all tasks done was around 6 hours. We are very happy with the tidy and professional looking result.


EZ Snap™ Team - Very nice installation. Well done Jeff. Thanks for the Airstream skirting photos.

by Terry Fullerton on RV Skirting
Everything Stayed Attached
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting Fasteners

I ordered the snaps and clips to put on our travel trailer for this winter as our daughter is back home and is living in the trailer. We wanted to add a tarp around the bottom to help during the winter.

I did a lot of research and these were the best ones we found that we could use with our tarp.

They were easy to install and have already proven their adhesion as we had a wind storm come through with 55 mile gusts and everything stayed attached.

I am very pleased with the products to anyone and will definitely order more if needed.

Terry F

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review.

by Scott Gibbons on Exterior Window Shades
Shade Screen Fasteners Great for Wood Arbors or Pergolas
EZ Snap Product: Shade Mesh Fasteners

Great for attaching shade material to wood arbors or pergolas when you use the screws.

Makes for easy removal come winter time.

This is my second time using them and I honestly cannot think of another way that would work better.

My application is a south facing wood arbor that catches a lot of breeze and the EZ Snap method holds my shade material down without any issues. I give them a 5 out of 5 stars.

I also use the EZ Snaps to hold down the same shade material on my home's skylights. Again, works great and I have never had the material come loose. Thanks for a great and useful product.

Scott Gibbons

EZ Snap® Team - Your review will be helpful for others looking for do it yourself pergola ideas, thanks.

by L Stephenson on Exterior Window Shades
Stops Birds from Hitting Windows
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

I found EZ Snap on line while looking for a solution to excess solar gain in our 5th wheel while snow birding in Texas.

As I considered the benefits of their product it occurred to me that I might be able to use it to solve another problem we have at home too. We have a building near our bird feeders that has several windows.

I wondered if installing the EZ Snap Screens on those windows might help prevent bird strikes on the glass. I can say now that it was an easy solution to a heart wrenching problem.

We have not had any bird fatalities since I installed the screening this spring. The screens still allow plenty of daylight into the building and, of course, it allows unobstructed views to the outdoors.

Easy to install and it performs as advertised.

L. Stephenson

EZ Snap Shades Stop Birds from Hitting Windows

EZ Snap® Team - Saving birds one window at a time... happy to hear about your success story.

by Bill Menheniott on Exterior RV Window Shades
RV Shades Great Success
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

We had had great success in putting the screens on to the windows of our RV.

The change in comfort inside was amazing.

Thus we ordered more material and fasteners when we got home so that we could cover the windows in the dining area of our house.

These windows are west facing and it gets incredibly hot in the dining room when we want to use it for dinner.

The shades were easy to cut and mount using the EZ Snap fasteners. The result was amazing - the area is now much more useable, and our air conditioning is now coming on less frequently.

There is an added bonus of more privacy - while we can still see our garden, our neighbours can no longer watch us while we eat.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive review.

by Highly Recommended on Exterior RV Window Shades
Highly Recommended
EZ Snap Product: RV Window Shades

Wonderful product.

We installed sun shade on our 5th wheel back window and it definitely keeps the RV cooler.

We had enough fabric left to install the sun shade on 2 additional windows.

Product works as stated. Easy installation and removal for traveling.

Would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a sun shade for their RV.


RV Window Shade Review by Pat Chet Slide Window  RV Window Shade Review by Pat Chet

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for recommending EZ Snap

by Derryl Lovie on Exterior Window Shades
Really satisfied!
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

EZ Snap Bay Window Shade Review Derryl LovieGreat product!

Easy to install.

Works as advertised.

Cuts down on the heat radiating through your windows and cuts down on the air conditioning cost.

Really satisfied!

D. Lovie
Holland, Manitoba

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for the photos. We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

by David Harrington on Exterior Skyllight Shades
Room is definitely cooler
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

Got my EZ Snap skylight package on time, I called to ask a bunch of questions and was walked through everything from A-Z.

I’m not as handy as I’d like and these shades went on in a snap…no pun intended. I did take special care to prep the metal as instructed.

I like the look and the room is definitely cooler... Thanks EZ Snap

David Harrington

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for letting us know Dave.

by Wayne McMahon on Exterior Window Shades
Awesome product. Very happy!
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Wayne McMahon EZ Snap Window Shade Review

EZ Snap™ Team - Nice installation Wayne. Thanks for sending your before and after photos.

by Jeff Harris on Exterior Skyllight Shades
I Am Satisfied
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

Jeff Harris Skylight Shades EZ Snap ReviewsAs promised, photos of my skylight shade installation. As you can see from the photo, I cut the material short to avoid the unsightly "folded corner" problem. This method however, may not work with larger, more exposed units, due to wind uplift and the exposed edge... Please feel free to share any comments you may have.

Best Regards,
Jeff H.
Ojai, Ca

Follow-up 1 month later...

No problem so far for this particular application. I believe (avoiding folding the corner over) works better. I am satisfied.

Thank you,

EZ Snap™ Team - Looking great Jeff! Thanks for the photos.

by Marsha Clark on Exterior Window Shades
EZ Snap Made a MINIMUM 15 Degree Difference
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Marsha Clark EZ Snap Window Shades ReviewHere are some photos of the installed EZ Snap shades on all of the south-facing windows and doors of our house in central Pennsylvania. We've covered the sunroom (center of the photos) and it has made a minimum 15 degree difference in that room. This has allows me to convert the sunroom to a more useable space - one we can inhabit year-round. Prior to the shades, it used to get into the 90's easily, despite being well insulated. The photos are a bit deceiving as those windows are floor to ceiling.

In the other rooms which are now covered, It's making a huge difference helping the AC keep up in the mid-day heat, and making the house an even temperature throughout.

We're thankful EZ Snap worked with us when we required more snaps than were supplied with our 50' roll. I'd gladly recommend your product for its effectiveness, ease of installation and how we're still able to open and close the windows as weather permits. The only recommendation I'd make is for a much larger number of snaps to be included with the longer rolls.

Thanks so much,Marsha ClarkWilliamsport PA

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks, we appreciate your positive review.

by Pete Cherouny on Yacht Window Shades
Worked perfectly.
EZ Snap Product: Boat Shades

Worked perfectly. Easy installation and excellent protection for my Bowmar hatches.


Yacht Bomar Hatch Sun Shades Peter CherounyYacht Hatch Shades Peter Cherouny

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for the Bomar Hatch photos Peter.

by Debbie on Yacht Window Shades
I love my boat shades.
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

I love my boat shades... easy to install.

They make a wonderful difference and keep our boat cooler without losing our view on the water.

Sincerely, in IdahoEZ Snap Yacht Shades Review by Debbie

EZ Snap Yacht Shades Review from Debbie

EZ Snap® Team - Beautiful install Debbie! Thanks for the photos.

by George Kolb on Exterior RV Window Shades
Good Purchase. Very Happy.

EZ Snap RV Shade Review from George KolbI purchased the EZ Snap screen to help keep our camper cool when the large rear window is facing south when camped. All we had was the accordion style pull down shade and it did not provide any relief inside of the camper when the sun was shining through.

The EZ Snap shade arrived quickly with good instructions and all the tools necessary to install. Sticking the little adhesive buttons to the camper was very quick as was the little pins to fasten to the shade.

Once installed the EZ Snap shade filters out most of the sun yet you can see from inside the camper looking out. Heat entering through the window is drastically reduced and you can feel it immediately. It installs and removes very quickly and is easily stored in the storage area of our camper.

This was a good purchase and we are very happy we did it.

George KolbPhoenix, AZ

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for the photo George. Looking good!

by Nick Glaser on Exterior RV Window Shades
Helps the inside stay cool...

We work for the US Forest Service and are stationed in Las Vegas in the summertime!!! So obviously I need something to help our new 2016 Bighorn 5th wheel get through the 110 degree days in the desert! I was searching for some type of window shade or covering.

We had used the standard silver coated window type shades for the inside of the windows in past RVs we had, but the problem is you can't see out of the windows and the heat still gets inside the RV.

I ran across the EZ Snap product and thought I would give it a try, and let me tell you I found the results to be amazing. As soon as I had the first side of our trailer done you could actually feel the difference inside the unit. You can hold your hand on the inside of the window and not feel the heat!

It was extremely easy to install and went faster then I thought it would. Our unit has the new style frameless windows and there was not a lot of info on installing on frameless windows on the internet. So I was a little intimidated at first but the instructions were easy to follow and I found it to be a snap to trim the shade around the window because of the frameless design, I just used the window as a guide for the cutter.

I would be happy recommending these as a great addition to any rv or home especially in a sunny location to help cut energy usage, but especially in a RV to help the inside stay cool and not have the AC unit work as hard.Nick

EZ Snap® Team - Snap on, Stay cool...

by Michael Bozenski on Exterior Skyllight Shades

I was very skeptical at first if the EZ Snap system would satisfy our needs.

The skylights in our kitchen caused about a 10 degree difference in cooling compared to the rest of the house.

My wife wanted to have remote control blinds installed but knowing I would have to do the install caused me to do a bit more investigating for another solution. At a fraction of the price of blinds, I decided to purchase and install the EZ Snap system.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Not only is our kitchen much cooler, but you can also see through the screens.

EZ Snap® Team - Great feedback, thank you.

by Anthony Ertassi on Exterior Window Shades
Saved Melting Hot Tub Cover

I had a hot tub cover with the core being melted and warped my the reflection from my bedroom window.

The magnifying effect was so intense.

I put the EZ snap on the window and problem solved.

It was easy to put on I like the fact it can be taken off in winter.

Great solution and exactly what I needed to save my $500 hot tub cover!

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for letting us know!

by Jeff Faust on Exterior RV Window Shades
I would recommend it to anyone...

Jeff Faust RV Window Shades ReviewGreat product!

It reduced the heat in our RV.

The installation was as easy as advertised.

I would recommend it to anyone with a RV that is out in the sun.



EZ Snap® Team - Nice install Jeff. Thanks for sending in your photo.

by Gadiel Ortiz on Exterior Window Shades
Stopped Vinyl Siding from Melting

Awesome. Saving my siding.

EZ Snap® Team - Glad to hear it... works every time!

by Jason Halls on RV Skirting
Held Up to Winter Conditions

Halls EZ Snap Review RV Skirting 5th WheelThe skirting is very high quality, it is pretty easy to install in the fall and disassemble in the springtime.

I went with the 3m adhesive studs because i didn't want to put any screw holes in my new 5th wheel...

Also purchased the clips to hold the skirting in place and bought some PVC pipe and created a skeleton around the base of the trailer.

Even with high winds it held up to the winter conditions.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review Jason.

We Love Our EZ Snap Shades!

We love our EZ Snap shades. So much so, that we made a second order to shade additional windows.

We have five skylights and two very large windows in our great room. The shades work great.

They are easy to install and give the shade we need. And still have the ability to look out them with the same amount of visibility before they were installed.

We have noticed how much cooler it is in our great room this summer with them in than last year.

I highly recommend EZ Snap shades.

Thanks, Amy

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for recommending EZ Snap...

by Paul & Lynn Barzler on Exterior RV Window Shades
One of the Best Purchases for My RV

Pretty easy to install. Just follow the instructions. 🙂

Used them on our trip in July To Atlanta GA, Huntsville AL, Little Rock AR, Shreveport, and Longview TX​ before returning to home in FL.

They made an incredible difference. During several high-90 days with NO shade, the RV A/C ran almost constantly but was able to cool our 26' motorhome in the mid-70s.

Impressed with how much sun and heat they block because they are mounted on the exterior of the coach. (We've had bigger RVs with interior sunscreen shades which were not nearly as effective.)

For my little motorhome, I can install and uninstall the shades with the help of a 2-step stool in about 15 minutes. When removed, I just roll up the shades and store them in a bag designed for wrapping paper purchased at "The Container Store." (EZ Snap should consider offering something like this as an add-on at the time of purchase.)

Definitely, EZ Shades were one of the best purchases for my RV made this year. Hope the attached pictures are helpful...

Barzler EZ Snap RV Window Shades on Class C Motorhome

Barzler EZ Snap RV Window Shades on Class C Motorhome Window Close

EZ Snap® Team - Happy to hear the RV Shades are working for you. Thanks for the photos!

WOW! Just as Advertised...

I bought EZ Snap screens to cover 2 sky lights in my kitchen roof.

Here in Philadelphia, having sun light and it's warmth in the kitchen is a huge benefit in the cooler seasons, BUT, we were roasting as the sun passed right over these windows this summer. We even had chocolate melt on the kitchen counter!

We found ourselves avoiding the kitchen midday because it was soooo hot. Yikes!

Receiving the EZ Snap screening and 'snaps', I waited until the cooler early morning (as recommended in the installation instructions), and crawled out our second story window onto the kitchen roof and completed the installation before the sun was up. It wasn't difficult. It took some finger strength, and in my case, a bit of balancing on the incline of the roof but what an INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE these EZ Snap screens have made.

WOW! Just as advertised, we see out, the light comes through but the overpowering heat is gone!

The kitchen feels warm but (I wish I had documented some is the pre EZ Snap kitchen temperatures) NOT hot. I could not be happier with this product. It is truly amazing what a difference it has made in our house (and electric bill!).

Thank you, EZ Snap!

SP Ream

EZ Snap® Team - Nice work. Thanks for your kind words.

by Bob Ridenour on Exterior RV Window Shades
RV Cooler

This is my second time ordering and using EZ Snap products.

We thought moving our RV would solve our summertime overheating, wrong. The day I installed them on our old mounts you could feel and see the difference.

I recommend them to anyone with solar heat gain through your windows, especially the RV market.

Thanks for making our RV cooler, Bob R.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your 2nd order Bob.

Heat Problem Solved

Wife giving me hard time, heat from skylight, found EZ snap problem solved, I am very happy easy to install.

EZ Snap® Team - Happy Wife, Happy Life...

by Pam Sherer on Exterior RV Window Shades
Highly Recommend Shades

We just bought a small toy hauler with only 3 windows and the 1 on the door.

I ordered these shades for all windows listed and they literally took me about 30 minutes to cut and install.

Love the look on the travel trailer too.

It really helps cut the sunlight down on the interior.

I will never own another RV without installing these.

Highly recommend.

Pam Sherer

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks Pam.

by Rick Harvey on Exterior RV Window Shades
Definitely Cooler in the Rig

Coach Shades Rick Harvey

Quality mesh.

Snaps were easy.

Overall very satisfied.

Oh yeah, definitely cooler in the rig with same temps set.

Thanks for all your support.


Rick Harvey

EZ Snap® Team - Nice installation Rick!

Happy to hear our Shades are working for you.

by Bob & Nellie Jagt on Exterior Window Shades
Extremely Pleased

My son has just installed the mesh.

Instructions were very easy to follow.

The product was up in no time.

Product works very well.

We are extremely pleased with product.

Thank you,
Bob & Nellie Jagt
Salmon Arm, BC

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks, we appreciate your positive review.

by B. Menheniott on Exterior RV Window Shades
Very Satisfied

We installed the EZ Snap self adhesive fasteners on the windows of our fifth wheel RV. It has frameless tinted windows, and we attached the male parts directly to the glass.

The black poppers are almost invisible when the screens are removed for travel.

Installing our screen material was easy and we were able to get crease free screens. We had tried suction cup fasteners previously, but they did not stay put for long especially in windy weather.

We are very satisfied with our EZ Snap system as it substantially reduced the amount of solar heat getting into our RV.

We shall be ordering more for some of the windows at our house.

EZ Snap® Team - We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied. Thank-you.

Great product. I love it.

I bought on line after reading about the product on your website. I needed it for a skylight in my kitchen in the summer the granite gets so hot and the glare was so bad I had to wear my sunglasses when I ate lunch.

After my son installed your product I could not believe the temperature change in my kitchen and there was no heat coming from my granite.

I love this product. It works just as you say it does. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Great product. I love it.

Thank you

EZ Snap® Team - Glad to hear it Mary! Thanks for letting us know.


Easy to install but not worth the cost. I spent $200 hoping that it would be half as effective at blocking the sun and heat as the website claims and I am disappointed. My home is just as hot and this material is not effective at blocking heat whatsoever. If you're looking to reduce AC costs, move to a new house. Don't buy this unless your goal is reduce the amount of light in the room by a small amount. House was 86° before they were installed on a hot day and its 86° with them installed on a hot day. I don't find that they were worth the money and I'm more disappointed because the only way to find out is to cut the material and render it "non returnable". I would return it and send it back if I was able. That would be the way for ez-snap to redeem themselves. Since they posted that their material, which is very similar to the material you put inside your silverware drawer, is 7 times more effective than sun shades and UV tint. My 86° house and I beg to differ.

All in all I gave 2 stars because the snaps work and it's reasonably easy to install but does notHelp against a hot house. Granted maybe I need more vents or something but don't advertise to give everyone the false hope that one size fits all and your house is going to be cooler if you spend hundreds of dollars on plastic snaps and silverware drawer fabric. It's borderline false advertising.

EZ Snap® Team - Thank you for your feedback regarding your EZ Snap install.

When we first read your comments, we were perplexed as to why you said there was"no heat reduction in the house" after your install. When we did more research on your application and your specific install, it became clear as to what was happening.

You had only ordered a 10 foot kit, but your room has many large windows and multiple skylights that directly face the sun.

The number of windows you have and their exposure to the sun, create a very large surface area of heat loading on your house. Covering just a small amount of those skylights or windows with your 10 foot kit will not help enough to make a major difference if the majority of your glass is still exposed to the sun.

Here is a link to an informative article from GreenBuildingAdvisor.com ( www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/calculating-cooling-loads ) that details calculating your homes cooling load requirements. This article is written about calculating a cooling load as it relates to choosing the proper size air conditioner, but all the same considerations apply when using an exterior shade screen to cool the home.

We know that EZ Snap will make a substantial reduction in the heat loading caused by your windows and skylights if you cover the majority of the ones that are allowing heat to enter your home.

The physics of shading and the thousands of happy, cooler, EZ Snap customers can't be wrong.

P.S. - We can also assure you that the EZ Snap mesh is a long way from being "Silverware drawer liner" to use your words. A lot of research and development has gone into creating the EZ Snap shading mesh to give it the properties and performance that it has. Presently, a number of our shading kit sizes are currently on sale, so this would be a great time to cover the rest of those exposed windows.

Cooler than expected

We bought the 50' kit and installed the shades on all our windows and doors in about 8.5 hours, the claim of a reduction in temp. is true fact. This product has reduced our temp. inside at least 15+ degrees.

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for your positive feedback Wayne!

by Larry Crabb on Exterior RV Window Shades
Drop down RV shade

We used the material to install a drop down shade to our existing awning. When extended, the snaps allow a quick and simple installation to the awning roller to provide a superior "sun shade" for cool occupancy under our awning. And, with the snaps providing quick removal, we retain the quick operation of our factory awning. Buckie & Larry <">. <">

EZ Snap® Team - Sounds like a great idea. Maybe you can email us a few photos?

by Douglas on RV Skirting
What a GREAT product.

This is one of the most thought out, engineered, aftermarket equipment, that we have had the pleasure of installing on our RV in our 40 plus years of RVing. What a GREAT product. Installation video is EXCELLENT!

EZ Snap™ Team - We appreciate your positive comments.

by John King on RV Skirting
Heartily Recommend the EZ Snap Products

We live in our 35 foot motorhome. Our home base is a RV park roughly half hour east of San Diego, CA.

Most of the year temperatures are regularly in the 90s or above. During winter months temperatures at night are regularly in range of 30s-50.

We have a large one piece windshield which radiates summer heat inside coach. After installing the sunshade material it dramatically reduced the amount of radiated heat from the windshield and large side windows.

After installing skirting (had use 3 different product sizes) our floor was 15 warmer during winter months. We spent one winter in WA roughly an hour north of Seattle and the skirting really helped on heating costs when temperatures were below freezing.

Heartily recommend the ezsnap products.

Installation is definitely a DIY project as product is purchased in bulk so user MUST plan installation and measure accurately...

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the update John.

by Stephanie Pauley on Exterior RV Window Shades
Very Pleased with Our Purchase

First, the customer service provided was excellent.

I accidentally found this product one week before we were to leave for the desert for three months, so I called and asked if it was going to be possible to get it in time. My order was processed that evening and very quickly shipped. I received it two days before leaving on our trip!

We got it installed easy enough. I would say you need two people to install, when doing a large piece like the full RV windshield. (I rounded the corners off when cutting the screen. I think it looks much better that way.)

The hardest part was deciding exactly where I wanted to stick the snaps.

Our campsite was situated where the windshield never got full sun so I cannot speak to how well it keeps the heat out yet.

It did keep passing campers from seeing inside the RV which allowed us to keep the curtains open all day.

I would add that we had some very strong wind gusts, lots of rain, big temperature difference and the snaps and shade screen stayed on!

We are very pleased with our purchase.

EZ Snap™ Team - Great to hear! Thanks Staphanie.

Very hot summer 2016

We had an unusually hot 2016 summer even for Phoenix AZ.

The inside of the RV felt much cooler and was easier for AC to keep up. I am very happy that I purchased the RV window shades.

I am an elderly solo-full timer and I had no problems installing the screens.

EZ Snap™ Team - Thank you for taking the time to review EZ Snap. Happy to hear that our Shade Screens made a difference in your RV.

by Julie Gibbons on Exterior RV Window Shades
Very Pleased with Do-it-yourself Shade Kit

We purchased the 25' window shade kit with white 3M adhesive stud in May, 2015 so have used the windows shades for two summers now. They have proven to be effective in reducing the heat generated by the mid and late afternoon sun in our seven west facing windows. Without the shades, even with our lo-e windows you could feel the heat on the inside of the glass but with the shades in place the glass is cool to the touch. We now live in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC however we should have had these on our home in the Okanagan as well where we lived for 20+ years.

Installation was straightforward. The shade material is easy to cut to size and the adhesive studs definitely stick. Removing the shade for winter storage you exert some force on the studs and none of them budge. Two summers of 30 C+ and two winters of some sub-zero temperatures and they remain in place. We store the shades in winter by labelling which window they come off and mark the lower right corner with masking tape making it easy to reinstall the following summer (we remove the masking tape on installation). For winter storage we stack the shades and roll them on the cardboard roll the shade was shipped on, wrap the whole thing in plastic and store in our heated crawl space.

As an added bonus the shades provide daytime privacy into our living areas without having to close or tip blinds so we can still enjoy the view into our backyard.

We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend the product as an easy do-it-yourself project for anyone looking to reduce the sun's heat on their windows, with the added benefit of daytime privacy and preserving views.

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for your great review Julie. Glad to hear that your EZ Snap Shades are working for you.

by Lance Olsen on Exterior Window Shades
Very Easy to Install

This product was very easy to install.

Instructions were easy to follow.

Product has the feel of a durable quality material.

Before Beige Patio Shade Mesh Installation:
Patio Shade Mesh by EZ Snap

After Beige Patio Shade Mesh Installation:
Patio Shade Mesh by EZ Snap

EZ Snap™ Team - Nice work Lance... Beige was definitely the best choice for your patio screens.

by Rick Merrill on RV Skirting
Already Warmer & Saving Energy (Video)

Dear EZ Snap Direct team,

I want to tell you how happy I am with my RV skirting. I purchased the product from EZSNAPDirect.com.

The EZ Snap kit included enough extras so I have more fasteners if I ever need to fix an air pocket or correct any area that may need!

I am already warmer in the cold temperatures. I feel the energy savings are already adding up!

The installation was done by myself and thank you for your how to do it videos as they offered many insights. I would recommend EZ Snap to anyone!

Here's a video of the skirting after installation:

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the video Rick! Looking great. Glad you like your new skirting.

by Jeanette Van Dijk on RV Skirting
Easy Installation, Great Price

I purchased my EZ Snap trailer skirt and was surprised with how easy it was to install it.

Living in Northern Alberta, Canada where winters are very cold, I needed a durable product that could stand up to our tough weather.

Someone recommended ez snap and when I looked at the website I was amazed at the prices as it was less than half of what I would pay to have someone local make a skirt for me.

Ordering and shipping was easy and I received it within the week.

At first I was worried about installing the skirt on my own as I have a very bad shoulder, but applying the snaps was as easy as sticking a sticker and then pushing the pin through the skirt and putting the cap on were very simple and much easier than I ever imagined. EZ Snap provides very clear, easy to follow steps.

I was able to customize the skirt and cut away around my door and outside cupboards and there is no fraying where the skirt is cut.

The skirt and snaps held up through a very cold winter with some severe wind storms and even then no snaps pulled off!

I'm amazed at how well the skirt has insulated my trailer and as soon as it was installed my propane usage for heating was nearly cut in half as no heat was escaping through the floor as it did before.

I recommend EZ Snap to anyone that asks me how to live long term in a travel trailer and would I need anything else I would definitely go through ez snap. Thank you for such an amazing product.

EZ Snap™ Team - Great to hear. Thanks for your review.

by Colleen Stransky on Exterior Skyllight Shades
System has worked perfectly for several years

We live in Santa Fe, NM, at an elevation of 7500 feet—very close to the sun!

Our Pueblo-style, double-wall adobe house has a flat roof, and 15 skylights. What it doesn’t have is air-conditioning! In the summer, our house gets very warm, as you might imagine.

After living with the problem for a few years, we finally got desperate! We bought some shade screening at Home Depot, and cut it to fit over each of the skylights. Originally we used bricks to anchor the loose netting to the roof, but it was damaging the roof so we needed another solution.

After reading about your product online, we decided to give it a try—what did we have to lose?! We used your products (the EZ snaps) on the metal frames of the skylights, about 12” apart, and then stretched the screening and anchored it onto the snaps.

This system has worked perfectly for several years, and my husband continues to be impressed at my resourcefulness!

It is so easy to remove the screening in the late fall, and reattach it in the spring—your product makes our home so much more comfortable, I can’t imagine being without EZ Snaps!

EZ Snap™ Team - Happy to hear about your success. Thanks for your feedback.

by Terry Keen on RV Skirting
Very Pleased

Class A Motorhome RV Skirting by EZ SnapVery pleased with this product.

Thank you for following up with a phone call it is nice to do business with a company that cares.

Adding the extra snaps made a huge difference. Five inches much better than ten.

I have had several people comment how nice it looks.

Terry L. Keen CMSP

EZ Snap™ Team - Looking great Terry! Thanks for the photos.

by Bryce on RV Skirting
Fantastic RV Skirting... Thanks!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Class A Motorhome RV Skirting by EZ SnapI wanted to write you and thank you again for the fantastic RV skirting. You were a pleasure to work with.

I was able to install the skirting myself in half a day using the adhesive mounts. I found the material to be easy to work with and I had no issues, even though I had no experience installing RV skirting.

I have now spent almost two months in Jackson, Wyoming winter and it's great! We have had the "snowiest" December in 40 years here and thanks to EZ Snap RV skirting I'm cozy and warm in my 38ft class A Motorhome. I have seen temperatures down to -15 Fahrenheit and have not had any issues with freezing.

My neighbors have high end custom skirting that cost triple what I paid through EZ Snap Direct. You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping me survive the Wyoming Winter!

Thanks so much! Bryce

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks Bryce... nice installation. Glad it's working for you!

by Amy Hunt on RV Skirting
Not easy

The skirting is excellent quality. However, the video is misleading--installation is much more challenging than it appears. It took two men a full 8 hours to install. I do recommend the product but caution buyers that installation is very challenging.

Hello Ms. Hunt,

Thanks for your feedback.

We appreciate hearing about our customers’ experiences with EZ Snap since it provides an opportunity for us to help with installation issues and find ways to improve our products.

Sorry to hear that you were surprised by how challenging the skirting installation was. We have not had this kind of feedback before, rather the opposite.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the ‘How To Install RV Skirting’ video is quite detailed and provides thorough instructions. We are also available for guidance and problem solving by email and toll-free phone.

Every skirting project is different, but we find that a typical install runs from 4 to 8 hours depending how complex you want to make your finished product.

If possible, please email us a few photos of your installation. We may be able to learn more about your unique situation.


EZ Snap™ Team

Could Not Be More Pleased...

John Ott RV Shades for Crank Out Windows by EZ SnapI have 3 large windows in my 5th wheel. These were my primary concern and reason for buying the EZ Snap product. Michigan in the summer, Florida in the winter.

The air conditioner struggled to cool the coach to a comfortable degree on hot days.

No problem since I installed the screens, which was very easy. I removed them prior to a move in about 5 minutes. The reinstall at the new location took even less time.

I absolutely could not be more pleased.

My large windows have crank out louvers on the bottom about 8 inches high. I stopped my fasteners a little above the louvers and they don't flap even in high winds. I would be happy to send anyone pictures if they would like to see what they look like.

by Ken Bateman on Exterior Skyllight Shades
Awesome Product Well Worth the Money!

Ken B's Skylight Shade View from InsideJust finished installing my Sun Shades on my two sky lights and I can't say enough good things about them.

I am really picky when it comes to products I use on my home. This product is fantastic.

Installation was very simple and the improvement was immediate. No more heat build up coming through my sky lights yet I can see through them just as the product advertised.

Can't wait to spread the word.

Thanks KB

EZ Snap™ Team - Great feedback Ken. We appreciate your support.

by Tyson Davis on RV Skirting
5th Wheel Skirting

Only thing good I can say about the product was customer service. I had planned on purchasing skirting for the rest of my trailer but after installing the skirting around the 5th wheel section no way. After installing the skirting with the pvc clamps and additional support with concrete pavers to hold the bottom in place a storm blew through with light winds (15-20 mph). Afterwords I went under neath my 5th wheel section and easily half of the snaps had failed, some of them failed due to the snap itself not holding but most failed due to the cap that holds the skirt onto the pin. They just don't stay on. Now I have to worry about the next time my neighbors Yorkie passes gas.

Hello Mr. Davis,

Thanks for your feedback.

We appreciate hearing about our customers’ experiences with EZ Snap since it provides an opportunity for us to help with installation issues and find ways to improve our products.

Our goal is always to keep our customers happy and we would like to work with you to fix your issues and get your enclosure kit working for you.

It is rare that 5th wheel owners skirt only the hitch area, leaving the rest of the 5th wheel open. WE ADVISE STRONGLY AGAINST IT.

When our skirting is installed this way, wind goes under the RV and gets trapped in behind the Hitch Enclosure Kit. Due to the parachute-like shape of the enclosure kit, there’s nowhere for the wind to escape. This places excess force on the fasteners.

It takes a lot of force to rip the 3M fasteners off or to pop the caps off the pins. In your scenario, what tends to happen is 1 or 2 fasteners let go, leaving a flap of RV skirting. As that loose flap whips around, it puts exponential strain on the adjacent fasteners and causes a chain reaction. As each fastener lets go, the flap gets bigger, putting more load on the remaining ones.

To stop this issue from re-occurring, ideally, you need to skirt the remainder of your 5th wheel. If that’s not possible, it is vital for you to seal up the opening between the hitch area and the underside of the main floor of the 5th wheel with skirting or plywood. The goal is to keep the wind out of there.

Please give us an update on your current situation and confirm if you’ve managed to get the hitch enclosure skirting back in place.

If possible, email us a few photos of your installation. We may be able to offer some other tips and advice to help you out.

Note that we do have stainless steel screw studs that can be used in addition to (or instead of) the 3M adhesive fasteners.


EZ Snap™ Team

Thank You!

This was the best money we spent all summer (if you don’t count my husband’s new boat).EZ Snap screens have made such a significant difference to the second floor. The whole house has benefitted. We really do love them.Thank you EZ Snap!

EZ Snap™ Team - Great feedback, thanks.

by Randy G. on Exterior Window Shades
EZ Snap Product: Shade Snaps

I was worried that the 3M studs would not stand up, as I had read some negative reviews on the web about them. The more I researched though, I realized that the negative reviews were all about the product that Coolaroo use to sell.

Apparently, the EZ Snap studs that Coolaroo was selling was a discontinued product and used the original version of the studs.

The new and improved studs are bigger and are made differently.

I have had the studs I bought from EZ Snap installed for over 8 months now and they are all sticking just fine. The studs that EZ Snap sold me are 7/8” across and the old Coolaroo ones are only ¾” in diameter. Make sure that where ever you buy your EZ Snap, that they are the new larger ones.

Substantial Heat Reduction
EZ Snap Product: Skylight & Window Shades

I used the 3M EZ Snap Studs and shade cloth to cover 2 skylights in the bathroom off our bedroom. The heat reduction has been substantial and the A/C is not coming on near as much.There was hardly any change in the light coming in, in our opinion.I had extra EZ Snap shade cloth and so we decided to cover a large southwest-facing dining room window. (I was able to purchase additional E-Z Snap connectors in the accessories section of the EZ Snap online store.)We are so happy with the results, that we have re-ordered so we can do more windows. I’m now able to keep my blinds open this summer to admire our beautiful view, without so much heat pouring in.

by C. Drexler on Exterior Window Shades
Keeps Heat Out
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Great product for keeping the sun’s heat out. It has lowered the temperature in both rooms that I put it on.

Excellent Product

Great product. Delivered on time by UPS.

Easy to Install

This product is what I'd expected. Very easy to install. Thank you.

by D. Sauro on Exterior Window Shades
Wow, Just Wow
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

What a difference! Easy to install and looks great on my windows. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to protect the inside of their home or floors from damaging UV rays in the summer. The adhesive snaps work well on glass or metal, just make sure you wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to really bite onto the surface, before you install the shade cloth material that comes in the kit.

Great Product, glad I found it.
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

My husband attached it on the outside of our skylights, my kitchen window and the living room. This helps to alleviate a lot of the extra heat from the intensity of the summer sun. We are very happy with this product. Would very much recommend it to other.

by Paul A. on Yacht Window Shades
Snaps are staying stuck.
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

Everything turned out exactly as we hoped. Easy to install and very effective. We allowed the base studs of the snap to set for three days before installing the shades on the exterior windows of our yacht. So far, they have survived a summer in Baltimore, Maryland and an Atlantic Ocean and ICW trip down to St. Petersburg, Florida. If you follow the directions and clean the window and use rubbing alcohol on the area where you will adhere the snap and allow it to cure, all you should be fine.

Saved me money and damage to my furniture.
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

Trying to find a solution for our skylights....$900 to get the shades with solar remotes seemed too perfect solution, but very high cost.

Came across information about this material that seemed too good to be true....keeps the view and stops the heat before it ever hit the window!

Just put the fabric over the skylight a week ago....the four season room was starting to heat up and the air conditioning could not keep up, since it had no return air in the room.

Very happy to report its doing a great job....and using the snaps made install pretty easy. Will post pics as well if this will let me.

VERY pleased at this point....room is getting light the furniture is not hot in the least...it's all working so far!

Really Happy
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

We are really happy with the EZ Snap System screen. Our house has a room with a with a very large window facing east. I placed a thermometer in that room through the summer. On sunny days, the thermometer commonly read 30c (86f). This was the reading, even though the air conditioner was running and other rooms in the house were being maintained in the low 20 degrees Celsius.

We made sure all vents were completely open in the room. We first installed interior solar shades and even blackout window blinds. These two items did help some, but the room was still unusable and very hot.We even paid for a HVAC company to do an inspection. They said the insulation, ducting etc was good. The problem was the heat load from the window. This window was only 3 years old and so we thought the only way to fix this would be to replace the window with a smaller one. That solution solution was going to be a huge project, as well as very expensive, as that section of the house has a stone exterior.

Before we downsized the window, I thought I would research one more time and look for a less expensive option. I found the EZ Snap exterior shades and figured for less than $200, it was worth a try, especially compared to the new window, which was going to cost thousands.

THIS SHADE SYSTEM IS FANTASTIC.The shades look good on the house, although I noticed that when I installed them that I put a few wrinkles into the fabric in the corners. Most important though is that they are the functionality and they work. We put the shades up on a hot Summer weekend.

On day 1 (Saturday), before the screens went up, the room was 29 degrees by 10:30 AM.The outside temperature was 25 degrees Celsius.

On day 2 ( Sunday), with the screens up, the room never got warmer than 23 degrees.The outside temperature was also 25 degrees Celsius.

ONE MONTH LATER.Since installing EZ Snap, the thermometer in that room shows the temperature is now remaining the same as the rest of the house. I'm a little shocked every time I walk into the room, as I expect to be hit by a heat wave. Problem Solved.

by Dwayne S. on Exterior Window Shades
Great Stuff
EZ Snap Product: Shade Screens

Love this stuff, made a huge difference in the heat allowed into the house.

by Cheryl P. from Houston, Texas on Exterior Window Shades
Best $400 Ever Spent

56 years and female what a breeze to install. I did it myself. I had just poured US $2,500 into re-insulating my attic and still was not getting relief from our 105 degree temps this year…

“…The package arrived promptly and then I realized I also needed some stick on snaps, they arrived in three days. Total time to cover all my windows on a 2500 square foot patio home, about one day. Instantly my air conditioner is able to get my home to about 75 degrees. It was not breaking 83-85 before and it NEVER turned off.

Best US $400 ever spent, that’s including the special tool to install the screw in caps.

Thank you from Houston, Texas and our hottest summer so far on record.

by Leslie Crabtree in Ashland, Oregon on Exterior Skyllight Shades
Looking forward to lower electric bills
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

To EZ Snap Direct, We live in a part of Oregon that gets very hot in the summer. Our home has three big skylights in the living room and this time of year the sun streams right in and heats up the house so much that we could not get the house cooled down…

…even running the air conditioner all day and all night. We got three 6x6 skylight shade kits and installed them easily last weekend. For the first time, it is 98º outside and a cool 75º inside. We are also looking forward to lower electricity bills.

Thanks for an affordable and really effective product.

Love It!
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

I love the solar screen and it is really helping with the intense sun coming into my window.Cheers

by Dave Thackray in Vernon, B.C. on Exterior Window Shades
House now stays COOL
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Hi guys. I spoke to you on the phone last week regarding the EZ Snap shade screens we installed on our windows. Wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the coverings.

We live overlooking Okanagan Lake with our living room, dining room and kitchen windows all all having a southern exposure. We decided to cover all the south and west facing windows with the shade screens. Wow, what a difference it has made to the temperature in our home! In past summers we would normally run the air conditioning from around 11:00 in the morning till later in the evening but since we have had the screens on our windows we have only had the air conditioning on for 2 or 3 days this summer and then only in the later part of the afternoon on the really hot days.

Generally, with the screens installed, it keeps the house temperature at around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F). This is the temperature we would normally have set our air conditioning at! My wife and I figure it has dropped the inside temperature about 4 or 5 degrees. So our house now stays cool, we still enjoy our incredible view, and we hardly use the air conditioning.

Lastly, installation was easy. I had my son help me with the higher windows and we got the windows covered in a day. Its a great product for the hot Okanagan climate, that is effective, easy to install and a cost saver. I would have no problem recommending the screens to my friends.

by Dan Powell at DailyHomeRenoTips on Exterior Window Shades
Very Pleased.
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

We are very pleased.

Cath, my wife, is very pleased.

She feels the lower temperature already and likes the view outside.

I like how easy EZ Snap was to install and the temperature reduction.

EZ Snap™ Team - We're pleased when our customers are pleased!

by Samantha P from Vernon BC Canada on Exterior Window Shades
Enjoying the View...
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Samantha Testimonial for EZ Snap ShadesLiving in Vernon, B.C. during the intense heat of summer use to mean, being secluded in a closed curtain home, trying to keep the heat out.

Now with our new EZ snap solar blinds, it means enjoying the beautiful views of our sunny garden. Cheers to you EZ Snap for inventing this eco friendly alternative to air conditioning our home. Bamboo blinds are so 1980, we love our new blinds!

by L.Kelly in Anaheim, California on Exterior Window Shades
Ingenious Idea
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

I think these shades are a very ingenious idea – keeps the heat out in hot weather – no more ugly bamboo blinds in front of my windows to block the heat – I Love it.

I sure love them!
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Tom O EZ Snap Review Photo OutsideTom O EZ Snap Review Photo Outside Bay WindowHello,

Here are a couple of pictures of the screens I put on my house.

I sure love them!

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the photos. Glad to hear you love them.

by H. Mallock on Exterior Skyllight Shades
EZ Snap Product: Skylight Shades

WOW!! I have two sky lights I bought your product for. They are side by side and identical. I used two thermometers, one under each skylight to see what the difference would be with and without the EZ Snap mesh…

…Before I installed the mesh one one of the skylights, each thermometer read 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be noted that it was 12:20 Noon with no clouds.I then installed the EZ Snap mesh on one of the skylights and waited an hour before checking the thermometers. The one without the shade screen still read 120 degrees, but the one with the EZ Snap had dropped down to 85 degrees.

We obviously have since installed it on both skylights as well as a bay window in the bedroom. BIG difference to the comfort of our home now.I would recommend these skylight blinds to anyone with problem sky lights.Thanks Again!

by H.E. Fryer on Exterior Window Shades
Keeps the heat out.
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Thank you again for the Sunshade my wife and I recently purchased from you.

The installation was a snap.

My wife is very pleased at how it looks on the windows and how well it keeps the heat out.

by Jerry and Sue K on Exterior RV Window Shades
Thanks again...
EZ Snap Product: RV Window Shades

Good Morning Guys!

Just a short note email to say how much we appreciate the excellent job your product did of outfitting our motor-home with window shades.

It paid off in spades, our unit looks great.

As promised I have attached a picture for your album.

Thanks again.

Screens Are Fantastic
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Just wanted to let you know I recently installed the window sun screens on my home here in Arizona. The shades were extremely easy to install and with the amount of heat and sun we get here the screens are fantastic…

…I have already seen a dramatic decrease in indoor temperature and with summer coming I am sure the shades will reduce my AC costs significantly. If the sun screens work here they will work anywhere, guaranteed!

Your product works great and saves $$$. I estimate I saved over $1000 over conventional aluminum sun shades. In fact if anyone in the area wanted to see the shades I would be happy to show them.

Feel free to give out my e-mail address dannyrgeorge@gmail.com for contact.

P.S. My friend was so impressed with the shades he will be ordering materials to do his home in Scottsdale.

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for your great review. We appreciate your support and referrals.

Sliding Door Solution
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Another suggestion is for sliding doors. I have attached with the sticking fasteners to the stationary side of the door and then replaced the screen on the screen door for the other side of the door.

As long as the screen door is kept closed (and the sliding door) then we are covered. This idea might be a suggestion for others to try too.

I like the product for windows that we never remove the screening. I have used it for about 6 years and it still looks the same as the day I put it on.

Heat Reduction
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

Hello EZ Snap, I received my order and installed the same.

Wow, what a great reduction in heat transfer.

by Tom Z. in Missouri on Exterior Window Shades
Great Product
EZ Snap Product: Window Shades

I installed EZ-Snap on my south and east facing windows last year (west windows are shaded by a porch). I agree completely with the other testimonials about the temperature decrease and added comfort.

Also I have to mention the reduced glare. We have a large east-facing dining room window that was impossible to look out of in the morning hours due to the brightness. We always had to keep the shades drawn.

No more -- it's great to be able to enjoy our east view in the morning hours.

Another compliment -- living the USA Midwest we experience hot summers and cold winters. Last fall I removed the shades because we want to let the sun in during the cold winter months. I removed 3 standard window shades and the large dining room shade (which requires a 24 foot extension ladder) in less than 30 minutes -- that includes rolling and storing the shades.

I made sure to indicate the location and position of the shades. Using the tool made the job very simple. I just reinstalled the screens - absolutely no problems. All snaps stayed attached and the reinstall was less than 30 minutes also. Great product!

Tom Z. Missouri.”

UPDATE FROM TOM Z - (June 2012) -

I have just reinstalled my screens for their 4th summer. I have to mention that out of 72 peel & stick fasteners on my vinyl windows only 2 have failed.

They have endured temps ranging from 100+ to -16 below. I'm amazed at their performance. Also there has been absolutely no degradation of the shade material itself - it looks and performs as good today as it did when first installed.