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How Much will I save by using EZ Snap® Shades?


Save 80% versus the typically Window Awnings.


55% Less than having Window Tint Installed

7x more effective than Interior Blinds or Tinting.

How do I figure out what to order and what it will cost?

All the prices and kit sizes are listed in our secure Online Store.
If you already know what you need , then CLICK HERE to place your order now! 


Ordering EZ Snap® Exterior Shades:
EZ Snap Exterior Shades Measuring Guide

1. How to Measure: Measurements should be made to the outside of the window trim. We recommend that you add 1⁄2” to your height and width measurements. Download the “Measure before you Buy” PDF to help you layout what you need.

2. Record Your Measurements: Using the “Cookie Cutter” method, fit all your window sizes into our 6′ foot wide material. This will help determine the most efficient way to utilize the EZ Snap shading mesh and get accurate pricing quote.

Example: For two windows 36” wide x 60” tall you would only need one 5′ EZ-Snap kit.

Tip: Use our Measuring Guide to record and organize your numbers, then draw out your plan on the graph paper for best results.

3. Decide the Best Size Kit(s): After you figure out the most efficient way to fit your window sizes into the 6′ foot (72″) wide fabric, simply add up the length of mesh you need and order the appropriate length kit.

4. Check EZ Snap® Pricing in the Store: View EZ Snap® prices in our store. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE STORE

What will it cost for Shipping and do you ship to CANADA?

EZ Snap® has two distribution warehouses, one in the the USA and one in B.C. Canada. Your order will be shipped by UPS for shipments within the U.S.A. and by Purolator Courier for all shipments within CANADA.

We make SHIPPING  “EZ” for our customers :
  • EZ Snap® makes sure you will never pay any Duties or Customs fees, as long as you are either in CANADA or the U.S.A.
  • All orders that are over $225 in value will be SHIPPED FOR FREE.
  • You will be emailed a “Real-Time” tracking number, so that you can watch to progress of your shipment.
  • Orders typically ship within 24 hours. All prices in US funds.
  • Traveling time from the time your order ships is typically 4 to 7 business days to most points in North America.

We Ship to U.S.A. & CANADA

  • UPS / FedEx within the U.S.A.
  • Purolator within CANADA
  • Orders ship within 24 Hours or less
Shipping to Canada and the USA

Orders over $225

  • We also pay all Duties and Customs fees on every order.
  • Real-Time Tracking sent to your email.
See 3 Price Examples below:   Over 13 kit sizes to choose from

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us here. Order securely online and we ship to your door via UPS or Purolator courier.


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