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After more than a decade of providing high quality RV skirting and shade materials, EZ Snap has thousands of happy customers. Here are some reviews that we have received from all over the USA, Canada and Australia.

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Yacht Window Shades
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 6 reviews
by Kevin Montgomery on Yacht Window Shades
Houseboat Temperature Data
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

I normally don't leave reviews but thought this may help someone.

My house boat is positioned such that the largest section of windows down the side are in full sun for 5 hours a day. It's 98' long with 6 single pane windows on the side hallway.

Using SensorPush temperature monitors I tracked the temperature for 2 weeks before installing EZSnap. The internal temperature between the window and thermal shades would reach 110 degrees. The stored thermal heat would last well into the night and would make keeping our large boat cool. This would also affect temperature inside the staterooms and my kids and wife would complain about it being uncomfortable when they went to bed.

We like our boat cool and 74 degrees or higher in the bedrooms was pushing their comfort levels. This is with running our thermostat at 70 all day long.

After installing EZ Snap, I've logged 7 degrees less in the windows during the day. The room temperatures are holding at 70 all day long and the A/C unit now cycles on and off as it should instead of running continuously.

This also solves an issue of too much condensation on my AC ductwork since the unit is not running constantly.

I couldn't find any hard data on reviews just "it feels more comfortable". A 7 degree drop in direct sun is an incredible achievement.

I was also concerned about the look of putting these on externally on my boat. They look great and were easy to install.

by Art Beaulieu on Yacht Window Shades
I’m very pleased with the results...
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades


Received my order and installed it. I had emailed you earlier about installing on acrylic window on my boat. As it turns out they are glass.

I went to great effort to prep the glass, cleaned with windex, then acetone finishing with alcohol. I then used the special [3M Primer] pen. After curing three days I installed the shades.

I’m very pleased with the results...


Art Beaulieu

EZ Snap Yacht Shade Review from Art Beaulieu Installation

EZ Snap Yacht Shade Review from Art Beaulieu

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review and photo Art. Looks great!

by Patrick Kennedy on Yacht Window Shades
Great Product
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

Was pleasantly surprised how easy and well the process went.

Great product.


EZ Snap® Team - Glad to hear the Shades are working for you Patrick. Thanks for letting us know.

by Pete Cherouny on Yacht Window Shades
Worked perfectly.
EZ Snap Product: Boat Shades

Worked perfectly. Easy installation and excellent protection for my Bomar hatches.


Yacht Bomar Hatch Sun Shades Peter Cherouny

Yacht Hatch Shades Peter Cherouny

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for the Bomar Hatch photos Peter.

by Debbie on Yacht Window Shades
I love my boat shades.
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

I love my boat shades... easy to install.

They make a wonderful difference and keep our boat cooler without losing our view on the water.

Sincerely, in Idaho

EZ Snap Yacht Shades Review by Debbie
EZ Snap Yacht Shades Review from Debbie

EZ Snap® Team - Beautiful install Debbie! Thanks for the photos.

by Paul A. on Yacht Window Shades
Snaps are staying stuck.
EZ Snap Product: Yacht Shades

Everything turned out exactly as we hoped.

Easy to install and very effective.

We allowed the base studs of the snap to set for three days before installing the shades on the exterior windows of our yacht.

So far, they have survived a summer in Baltimore, Maryland and an Atlantic Ocean and ICW trip down to St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you follow the directions and clean the window and use rubbing alcohol on the area where you will adhere the snap and allow it to cure, all you should be fine.