Extra Snaps & Accessories

EZ Snap Accessories & Extra Snaps to make your project a success. 3M Snap Fasteners, Stainless Steel Screw Fasteners, extra EZ Snap Removal Tools, Velcro, Pipe Clamps, and more.

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  • EXTRA EZ Snap™ Complete Sets (Studs, Caps & Pins)

  • EXTRA EZ Snap™ Cap and Pin Set ONLY (NO STUDS)

  • EXTRA EZ Snap™ Studs ONLY (NO CAPS or PINS)

  • AirFlo Spacers for Skylight Shades

    AIRFLO™ Spacer for Plastic Skylights

    $2.50 $1.50
  • EZ Snap Removal tool with fabric cutter

    DELUXE EZ Snap™ Removal Tool for 3M Studs, with Built in Fabric Cutter

    $6.95 $4.95
  • EZ Snap™ Removal Tool for Screw in style studs only

  • Primer Pen for 3M Studs (For Extra Bond Strength)

    $4.95 $2.95
  • EXTRA Washable Layout Pencil

    $2.25 $1.95
  • Samples of RV Skirting & Fasteners

  • EZ Snap Sample Exterior Shade Mesh

    Samples of Shade Mesh & Fasteners

  • RV Skirting Pipe Clamp

  • Gecko Extreme – Velcro Kit for RV Skirting