Primer Pen for 3M Studs (For Extra Bond Strength)


Primer Pen for 3M Studs (For Extra Bond Strength)

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The Primer Pen is used for applications where it is necessary to increase the surface adhesion of the EZ Snap stud.

  • Contains a 3M Clear, Colorless primer. Enough to prime the surface area for approximately 50 studs.

To use: Shake the pen well before using. A gentle squeeze 1″ in from the felt tip, ruptures the inner membrane, allowing the contents to be easily dispensed. Apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface.
Allow to dry thoroughly before applying the studs. This takes approximately 5 minutes at room temperature. Extremely porous surfaces may need a second application for uniform coverage and good adhesion.
TIP: Make a template, cut-out to the same size as the stud. This prevents wasting primer by only priming the area that the stud will bond to.
**As with all primer type products, test on small area first for to ensure it is compatible with surface.

If you are unsure if your surface will require it; it is best to error on the side of caution and use it.
**All Prices are in US funds.

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