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After more than a decade of providing high quality RV skirting and shade materials, EZ Snap has thousands of happy customers. Here are some reviews that we have received from all over the USA, Canada and Australia.

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RV Skirting
Average rating:  
 45 reviews
by Veronica Gregory on RV Skirting
Very Happy...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

I used the ez snap skirting and was very happy.

The corners are the hardest. If you go on a flat surface its very easy.

Makes my trailer look great! As i said before i would buy it again.

RV Skirting Review from V Gregory

EZ Snap® Team - Looking great... thanks for your positive review.

by Jeffery Ball on RV Skirting
Great Product!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

I live in Idaho so I had to get ready for the long winter! It has worked out very well for me!

Thank you EZ SNAP for a great product!

EZ Snap 5th Wheel Skirting Review from Jeffrey Ball

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive feedback and photo Mr. Ball.

by Robert Allor on RV Skirting
Fifth Wheel Skirting
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

EZ Snap Fifth Wheel Hitch Door Winter Skirting Review from R Allor

I absolutely love my skirting!

My son and I were able to install it in one afternoon and my family loves the results!

We bought a brand new 42 foot 5th wheel a few months ago and our biggest complaint was the lack of insulation, even though the underside is sealed.

After installing the EZ Snap skirting, we are much happier living in our RV during the winter because the heat stays inside whereas before the skirting, the wind would blow under the trailer and take all of the heat with it.

We purchased the kit and the optional 5th wheel cover, to enclose the front section, and it really completes the package. If you elect to use the adhesive snaps, be sure to completely prep the surface before installing to get the best results.


EZ Snap Fifth Wheel Winter Skirting Review from R Allor

EZ Snap Fifth Wheel Slideout Winter Skirting Review from R Allor

EZ Snap Fifth Wheel Winter Skirting Review Photo from R Allor

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your order... and sending photos Robert!

by Carole Adams on RV Skirting
Very Pleased with EZ Snap
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Thank you for sending my EZ Snap as you promised.
EZ Snap RV Skirting Review from Carole A
I am a retired widower so my son in law installed the EZ Snap by himself on my 44ft Cyclone Toyhauler.

He only cut it twice, then installed it with 2 long pieces. I have 2 sewer dump lines and he cut those out and made flaps for them.

It took him all day, by himself, but he got it done.

I live in New Mexico and it does get down to the 20’s at night in the winter. He just installed it in November and it keeps my RV 8-10 degrees warmer.

I am very pleased with your product and so is my son in law.

Thanks again,

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks Carole... happy to hear EZ Snap is keeping you warmer in New Mexico!

by Judy Underwood on RV Skirting
Thanks so much for a great product!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting


Overall, I was extremely pleased with the EZ Snap product.

I would not say it was easy and quick to do, but most things that are worth it are not! The product is very easy to work with and to be done right must not be rushed. It was definitely a 2 person project.

We wrapped the bottom of my 24 by 10 tiny house on wheels. The added challenge was that it is on a slight slope. One end is about 12" off the ground and the other end about 30" off the ground.

Tiny House Skirting Review from Judy U
The plan was to attach the skirting to the trailer but we quickly realized that was not practical so we ended up placing the snaps on the siding, not my first choice. We decided to start at a corner. The wheel wells were actually not an issue and covered easily, a major reason we could not attach to the trailer.

It was a challenge around the heated hose, the heat pump mount, and making sure the instant water heater gas vent was easy to keep clear, as well as the water outtake. Because they are close to each other, we were able to Velcro ( what a great tool) a seam so that it can be unsnapped when house in use.

Last real challenge was the lower end and getting [around] the trailer hitch where the propane platform is mounted on the hitch. This of course has to be accessible.

Well we did it! Am I going to unsnap to remove during the summer season? I doubt it. Will probably just unsnap some small sections for air flow.

All in all it was a well spent 8 hours. I'm anxious to see the winter goes.

Thanks so much for a great product!


EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your tiny house skirting review and photo. Nice work Judy!

by Nathan Arentz on RV Skirting
Zero Issues with Freezing
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

To the EZ snap team,

First time living in my camper over the winter. Not going to lie I was quite nervous for freezing pipes, cold drafts, and an uncomfortable camper to live in.

I order the skirting kit for my camper within 2 hours I had it all up and my camper is draft-less, I’ve had zero issues with freezing, and the most important thing is, I’m comfortable.

Thank you to you guys for providing a product that allows me to live in my camper year round!

Nathan A.

EZ Snap® Team - 2 hour installation is one of that fastest we've heard about. Thanks for letting us know Nathan.

by Mark on RV Skirting
Happy with the Skirting
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

The kit and additional accessories arrived in great condition and quickly. The kit was installed on a 27 foot pull trailer.

As others have indicated, you have to plan ahead on the installation and as always measure twice and cut once. After formulating a plan, installation took only a few hours.

The skirting was used on two hunting trips where the night temps were in the teens. The installation once at our camp site went fairly quickly for both trips.

It was very obvious the ability of the skirting to help with the inside temperatures of the trailer...

Overall, I am very happy with the skirting.

I had questions from a few other hunters as to where I got the skirting, so hopefully you will get a few more buyers.


EZ Snap® Team - We are happy to hear that your EZ Snap Skirting is working well for you.

by J Gaul on RV Skirting
Skirting Looks Good
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

EZ Snap RV Skirting Review from J. Gault EZ snap arrived in one box with great instructions.

We were able to secure all the snaps and let them cure for a few days before tackling the skirting.

My only caution is to people who have arthritis. It is pretty hard to secure the snaps.

To remove the skirting is pretty easy for travel. The snap removal tool broke while removing the second snap, but a butter knife works great!

The skirting looks good and works at keeping your rig warmer.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for sending your review.

by Mark Hardman on RV Skirting
I would recommend EZ snap to anybody skirting their RV

5th Wheel Skirting Review Photo - SlideoutI have 38' 5TH wheel I received my EZ snap in good condition, Went to EZ snap site and watched installation video and 8 hours later I was done.

EZ snap went on the RV rather simple just make sure to give it some pre thought.

I would recommend EZ snap to anybody skirting their RV.

M. Hardman
5th Wheel Skirting Review Photo

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review and photos. Very nice installation!

by Deanna Flynn on RV Skirting
It was easy to install
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

We really have put our EZ Snap Skirting to use.

It was easy to install and we used the adhesive tabs.

We have since had to screw on a few of them because we put blocks underneath and I think we put them too tight and it pulled too much on the tabs, but it has so far held very well.

The Velcro doesn’t stick great but we started when it was rather cold out so I think that was a problem also.

Deanna F.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review. As you have learned, it is important not to place heavy weights on the bottom of your Skirting (since it will pull the 3M Adhesive off). We recommend using a 3/4" plastic pipe frame with weights placed in behind for best results. Installation temps for 3M and Velcro are MIN 60 F for a few days and nights.

by Mr. & Mrs. Aube on RV Skirting
Material is high quality and durable
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

...the skirt is fabulous.

Easy to make.

Looks like we had it made professionally.

We are extremely happy with it.

It did not take long to do.

Material is high quality and durable.

Thank you!
Mr. & Mrs. Aube

EZ Snap® Team - Glad to hear you are happy with your EZ Snap RV Skirting.

by Sandie Wolf on RV Skirting
These work great.
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

These work great. We live in a very windy region & they continue to perform very well.
~ S. Wolf

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive review.

by Robert Hawkins on RV Skirting
Pleased so far...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

I used the skirting on a 30' travel trailer following the directions, along with the helpful hints. It was installed in what we call the high desert in Eastern WA.

I installed the PVC frame and added 3 cross braces. After the complete installation I added concrete blocks on all the corners including the pop out.

2 days later we had gusts of 40 mph and it held up...

I believe it increased the inside temperature of the trailer about 10 degrees or so. I am pleased so far. See what happens through the winter.

R. Hawkins

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for sending us your review.

by Jeremy Lemaster on RV Skirting
Awesome RV skirting system!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Greetings EZ Snap!

First and foremost I want to tell you, GREAT WORK in designing an awesome RV skirting system!

I live in Wyoming and have for many years. Up until recently I was traveling all over the US working as a traveling Flight Paramedic. I got tired of being away from home and decided to change jobs to a paramedic job closer to home. I now work as a paramedic here for a County Emergency Medical Services, but it’s still two hours from my house. When I got the job my wife and I decided that I would need to get a new camper of some sort, to stay in, when I am in between my 24 hour ambulance shifts. We traded in our small 18’ travel trailer toy hauler and bought a used 40’ fifth wheel toy hauler.

This all went down over the summer and I really hadn’t thought about skirting.... that was until one night in September when the temperature dropped down into the 30’s! That night I really started thinking “this is gonna get BAD”! So I started looking around immediately for a skirting solution.

After a ton of research and some extremely scary pricing, I found your product. Initially I thought it wouldn’t be worth it, as there would be no way it could hold up to our winds and cold temperatures! I then did a ton of research and started to realize that not only would it work, but it also wouldn’t break the bank.

I sized out my RV on your website and ordered everything I needed. I also ordered the optional fifth wheel skirting kit with the trailer skirting.

I was really looking forward to getting it and installing it, because winter weather was coming! So when I got it delivered I was stoked!

Delivery was really fast and it only took like 5 days for me to get it. I followed the video instructions and installed all of the hardware first. I ordered the snaps with the adhesive and the screws, because I figured they would be the best for our insane winds here in Wyoming. This turned out to be the case, but I’ll go into that more in a minute. I was only able to get the hardware installed when I had a day off work, so I had to wait a day to install the trailer skirting.

On the day that I installed the trailer skirting it was a beautiful day with no wind. I got the the skirting sized and installed, however I didn’t have time to install the pvc pipes and pipe clamp system. I thought this wouldn’t be a big problem, because I was gonna finish it up two days later when I was off work. However.... not so much luck.

The day after I installed the skirting and was sitting at work, a sting cold front pushed through and the winds picked up to 70+ mph. I figured I was in big trouble. I figured this stuff had no chance of being attached still, because without the pipe system it would be flapping so bad that it break the pins. But there was nothing I could do but hope because I can’t leave work and leave an ambulance uncovered.

When I got back to the trailer I was floored! Only a very small section had come loose and as it turned out, it wasn’t the pins or snaps that broke but I fact a few caps had come loose. This allowed the material to come off of those pins in the wind. I don’t however believe this to be the fault of the product, I actually think I didn’t have the pins in the caps all the way. I reinstalled the ones that were missing and secured everything with the pipe and pipe clamp system it’s cement blocks behind it.

Now the thing is totally skirted in and with a small electric heater underneath the trailer running on low, the ambient temperature under the trailer is normally at least 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature! I also use about a quarter the amount of propane every two weeks that I was using before. The trailer stays way warmer than it did before and there’s no drafts from the undercarriage!

I highly recommend the product to anyone looking for skirting that you can install yourself! It looks great, works great and is easy to install. Just make sure you don’t do what I did. If your gonna start the install , FINISH THE INSTALL. That way you don’t have to do things twice.

Thanks for the great product, that works excellently and as advertised! Bring on winter!

Jeremy Lemaster BS NRP FP-C TEMT-P
Critical Care Paramedic

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for feedback Jeremy.

by Allen McKillip on RV Skirting
I will recommend this kit to everyone...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

This is a great product. I received my order very fast. EZ Snap fasteners are amazing.

I did not want to drill holes in my brand new camper so this was a game changer.

I followed the direction to the letter and had a flawless installation. Two people to install is a must; my son kept tension on the vinyl and aligned with our mark while I pushed it onto the studs.

They also included a vinyl trim tool with the kit that made trimming excess much easier than using a razor blade. I used a razor knife to ‘flare’ the bottom so it would fold under on the corners properly and the vinyl was difficult to cut which told me it is very durable, high quality material.

We built a frame with 3/4” PVC around the bottom and used the pipe clamps to secure it and it makes for a very clean, professional looking finished product.

I will recommend this kit to everyone!

A. McKillip

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive review Mr. McKillip.

by Derrick Young on RV Skirting
Installation was Easy to Complete
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Our EZ Snap skirt arrived undamaged, no missing parts/pieces and on time.

The steps were very simple explained, the steps easy to follow, and the installation easy to complete. This was done with a two person team (my wife and I).

The total time was approximately 6-8 hours. We installed the skirt in the great state of Washington, just toward the end of the summer season.

The skirt has now been up for just a little less than a month, has been holding up well, and doing what it was designed to do.

Proud EZ Snap Owner,

Derrick Y.

EZ Snap® Team - Great feedback, thanks Derrick.

by Kevin Rusk on RV Skirting
Happy Overall with Results
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Sportsmen RV Skirting Review Photo from Kevin Rusk Slideout

I am happy overall with the final result. I did paint my clips black so they matched. Everything else you can get different colors except the pipe clamps.

However it did take longer than advertised due to the amount of preplanning that you need to do in order to install correctly. The actual install only took a few hours but figuring out how to go around steps, bumpers, tongues and slide outside takes a while. Also pre plan where the snaps are going and where you want to double up for overlap and cut outs.

Sportsmen RV Skirting Review Photo from Kevin RuskIf you want to put your snaps closer together then the 10" max you will probably need to order more with your initial purchase... we have a lot of wind so I wanted them every 8".

K. Rusk

EZ Snap® Team - Thank you Mr. Rusk for your review and photos. Very nice installation.

by Debra Clayton on RV Skirting
Received the Exact Kit I Needed
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

The folks at EZ snap were wonderful. They took great care of me and I received the exact kit I needed plus more. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction.

I'm looking forward to the winter to see the difference in my heating cost. For the last 2 years I've just about frozen to death in 20 degree weather for weeks on end.

All reviews told me it was good for negative 40 degrees so I'm hoping for the best.

The product quality was good and the ease of installing was pretty good. All of the agents were very good to lead me into the right direction of what I needed.


EZ Snap® Team - Happy to help. Thank you for your review Debra.

by Sean on RV Skirting
Definitely Recommended
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

RV Skirting Review by Sean


Thanks again for the wonderful product. Absolutely great quality and easy instructions... Would definitely recommend your product and next spring will be ordering your window shades.

Thanks again.


EZ Snap® Team - You're welcome... thanks for your positive review.

by Tamara Gresham on RV Skirting
Thank You EZ Snap
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting


Let me start by saying that this company was extremely happy to help me with this project. I ordered my skirting too short and they sent me an extension piece. It was my fault and they sent it only asking for the shipping cost. I bought some double sided tape, that’s made for vinyl, and taped it together. To save this step, I recommend measuring correctly before you order. 😉

Now, if you follow the video that’s on their website, you’ll be just fine doing this. My son and I did mine. I have a little arthritis so I used pliers to put the pins on. The rest was fairly easy.

I’m very happy with this skirting!

I spent approximately, $840 on the whole project. That’s including the pvc pipe. If you have a skirting company come and do this for you, it will cost upwards of $2300 or more!

We’re not professionals, but I think it’s just fine.

Thank you, EZ SNAP for your product and your support.

Tamara G.

RV Skirting Review Photos from Tamara G

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for sending us your review and photos Tamara. Nice installation!

by Judy Gordon on RV Skirting
Looks Nice
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

... Looks very nice after skirt was in place and my brother spent some extra time cutting and hanging the skirt around the stairs.

I live in trailer full time.


EZ Snap® Team - Great feedback, thank you Judy.

by Nick Alexanders on RV Skirting
Very Happy with the Results...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

The EZ Snap skirting is looking awesome...

The guys were great and full of information on how to have a successful install. Super helpful.

Well a few weeks later I got to installing the studs to the trailer. I elected to use the adhesive type and had a warm day to install. All went well. I left the them to cure for a week or so. I was given the info that if you can leave the studs to cure for at least 3 days they would have better strength of adhesion. I also used the primer pen on all the locations which increases adhesion.

I got busy so the skirt install didn't happen for a couple more weeks. I watched the video and this sure helped on installing the skirt.

We laid out the material and measured the first section to start with. We elected to do the install in 5 sections plus the fifth wheel section. I have 2 slide outs and they each had one section of the 5. We over lapped the sections so as to not have any open joins. This was a good plan and will only need short pieces of velcro to hold the sections together.

The biggest question was to how to go around the stairs as I have 4 steps added out of wood as I am not using the trailer stairs. Well with some thought and slow cutting we figured how to do it within a section and not have to piece meal in pieces.

Last but not least, we did the fifth wheel section and this went very fast even with placing the door having been sewn into the section. We moved the skirt around a bit to get the right placement so it was fully accessible.

Thank you to EZ Snap for the kit and their help. Very happy with the result and the look.

Nick Alexanders

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks Nick!

by Jack and Laurie Collins on RV Skirting
Thank You EZ Snap
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

RV Skirting Review Jack and Laurie
Hi there,

We are new to the EZ Snap family and excited to have finally found the product we have been needing!

The two of us did the install in one day, which was made interesting by a quilter's measuring methods and a Highway tech's design haha! Measuring tape to t-square, and a lot of "eye-balling" to level the line made for some entertainment for the passers by, curious what we were up to.

They shared their stories of ice cold RV's with frozen gel foam mattresses to frozen water pipes and we told our memories of -4 camps with wind and snow far from any civilization, trying to keep thawed and warm. That camp spurred our motivation to keep saving up for what we knew we needed.

RV Skirting Review Jack and LaurieEach phone call and email to staff at EZ Snap was so helpful and the advice well taken. Certainly made the job go smoother!

While we have just installed our skirting and will not use it until October, we are convinced we will have the coziest camp ever and are really excited to have this addition to our camping adventures - thank you EZ Snap!!

Jack and Laurie Collins

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for sending us your review and photos. Hoping you stay toasty and warm this winter!

by Carol Farley on RV Skirting
EZ Snap RV Skirting
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

The skirting was fairly simple to install. It took my son and husband about 5 hours from snaps to skirting completion. The only issue we had was the snaps kept falling off in the heat, it was about 80 degrees, the ones in the shade stuck though. We had to buy superglue and glue one side back on.

Carol Farley

by Dennis Hunter on RV Skirting
Happy with the quality and easy of installation
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Southwind Coach RV Skirting Review from D HunterReceived the EZ Snap kit and extra snaps as ordered.

While it did come in "2" pieces (as advised it might for the length ordered), it was professionally seamed together with the velcro strips and did not hamper the installation.

The drill in snaps worked perfectly and I am happy with the quality and easy of installation.

D Hunter

Buena Vista, Co

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive review and photo Dennis. Nice installation!

by Bill Phelps on RV Skirting
RV Skirting Installation Went Quite Smoothly...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Winter had already set in by the time I could afford the skirting for my 5th wheel trailer, so I went with the screw in snaps instead of the stick on style. Then when it arrived, I got sick before I could install it so it was another couple weeks before I got started. By then it was early January.

RV Skirting Review Photo of RV SkirtingOnce I got started, the installation went quite smoothly, despite the below freezing temperatures.

Had it been warmer I likely would have had it done in a day, but since I had to keep stopping to warm my hands, it took me 2 days.

The first day I screwed in all the snaps. Then the second day I installed the vinyl skirting.

I did it all by myself. I just unrolled about 10 – 15 feet of skirting at a time and worked on small sections. I cut around obstacles (stairs, awning mounts etc.) as I got to them.

I put snaps underneath each of the compartment doors that got covered, as well as along the top of the skirting, so that I could make a cut along the bottom and sides of each compartment door, creating a flap that I then held down with a couple small strips of Velcro to prevent flapping in the wind. This let me drop the flap down while my tanks were draining, which helped keep the cold out from around the valves and the tanks.

As there was already skirting around the higher fifth wheel section to create a storage area, I used the Velcro strips to attach the new vinyl to the old.

To hold the bottom down, I went with pvc piping from the local hardware store, and the clips from EZ Snap to attach the vinyl to the pipe. As my trailer is 30 ft. long, I included 2 cross pieces for added stability, as well as the cross piece at the front and back.

RV Skirting Review Photo of StepsWhere the sewer line connects, I stretched the skirting out over the sewer line to protect it, rather than tucking it under the RV. Then I just used a few cement blocks to hold it from blowing in the wind.

I noticed a big difference, as soon as I was done. It was warmer inside, there was no more cold draft, and the furnace didn’t have to run nearly as often.

All-in-all, I am very happy with my purchase and would gladly recommend EZ Snap to anyone looking for easy to install, affordable RV skirting.

Thank You EZ Snap!


EZ Snap® Team - Nice to know the RV Skirting kept you warmer Bill!

by Harvey Pope on RV Skirting
Very simple and easy to install RV Skirting
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Very simple and easy to install... just needed a cordless driver, pencil, tape measure and a pair of scissors.

I was able to install skirting around my 33 foot RV with 3 slides in under 2 hrs.

Great product

H Pope

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your positive review Harvey.

by Anette Brines on RV Skirting
I Have Been Delighted with my Propane Bill...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

I bought my EZ-Snap skirting in November and here it is March. The entire experience was wonderful. Work, but wonderful...

I have been delighted with my propane bill. I am very warm. The cat likes the skirt too. She guards the underside of my trailer from pests in warmth too.

The EZ-Snap team were helpful and responded to my questions promptly. It took us two days to install the skirt since were started after work. My son, grandson and I installed the snaps one evening and the next day my daughter-in-law, granddaughter and I cut and installed the skirting...

We completed the job just as a major snowstorm blew in.

Thank you EZ-Snap!

A. Brines

EZ Snap RV Skirting Review for 5th Wheel    EZ Snap RV Skirting Review - Slide Out

EZ Snap® Team - Happy to hear that you are saving on propane, warm, and comfortable.

by Debbie Andrews on RV Skirting
Very impressed with the service and quick delivery
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

We received our EZ Snap order without a hitch.

Very impressed with the service and quick delivery on our product.

We will definitely be using you again and will recommend you to our RV community.

Thanks again for your fabulous service.

Debbie A

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks Debbie... we appreciate the compliments.

by Kristen Fleury on RV Skirting
EZ Snap RV Skirting Review - Performance in Wind Storm
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Follow this link to watch VIDEO...

My newly-wed daughter and my new son in law live in a 5th wheel on our property to save money to buy a house. This is their second NW Montana winter in their 5th wheel and they decided to put up ez-snap vinyl siding. It was easy to install and looks wonderful. Immediately they noticed they were using less propane and their house is staying warmer. The truly amazing part though is that 2 days ago we got hit with a tremendous wind storm boasting up to 90mph winds. Tin ripped off the roof of the house next door, 3 trees fell on the other neighbor's roof, but the vinyl siding survived like a dream. One snap came off and was lost. That's it. We're eager to see how well it helps the rest of the winter!

Thank you for your superior product!

Kristen Fleury

EZ Snap® Team - Thank you for Sharing your wind storm experience Kristen. When the EZ Snap pipe clamps & pipe frame are installed correctly, it makes a big difference to the wind performance.

by Emilee Hoff on RV Skirting
Installation was easy and went well
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting


We knew we would need extra protection for the winter for our new fifth wheel that we parked in Tennessee. My husband did some research and found the EZ Snap camper skirting solution so we ordered it in October.

It only took three days for the order to be processed and shipped out. We were installing the skirting by November 4th, 2017.

We used a large woodworking square to help us measure evenly to place the 3M technology push pin bases. We also found that using a chalk line was helpful, especially when skirting around the front cap.

Our lovely 1.5 year old assistant Evie provided plenty of support, along with surprise supervision from a toad!

The installation was easy and went well, taking about a half day. My husband used the special tool that EZ Snap sent us to slice off some excess skirting in a few places and with the exception of securing the bottom and adding some more custom Velcro and snaps around access doors, we were done!

The first week of 2018 has proven that our EZ Snap skirting has played a crucial part of our survival this winter, considering that we had temperatures under freezing for over a week and did not have any trouble keeping warm nor any frozen pipes!

Thank you EZ Snap!


Emilee M. Hoff

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the great review Emilee!

by Ian Hay on RV Skirting
Easy to install... it took less than one day
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

I am very happy with the product.

It was very easy to install it took less than one day to have all the screw in snaps all installed and skirting hanging.

I have a 42 foot 5th wheel, within a weekend I had all of it completely installed with pipe.

The price point was good and shipping was very fast.

I opted in for the heavy duty sewed in zipper... Its very heavy duty.

Also ordered the Velcro for the seams and it has stuck on and stayed in place through heavy wind and rain storms.

It is a very good product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs RV skirting.

Ian Hay

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the great review Ian. Much appreciated.

by Steven Payne on RV Skirting
Looks Great
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Great product only took one day to install around 42ft toy-hauler. And looks great also!

Steven P.

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks Steven!

by Casey B on RV Skirting
Keeps the Cold Out!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Very easy to install.

Very surprised at how well it keeps the cold out.

Live in colorado has been hitting single digits at night 7 degrees. Have yet to freeze up.

Very pleased with product.

Cost was low compared to other products.

Glad i found EZ Snap. Would use it again.

Thank you,

Casey Bodkin

EZ Snap® Team - Glad you are keeping warm! Thanks for the review.

by Jeff Clark on RV Skirting
Installation of the skirt on our Airstream (Betty) couldn't have been easier...
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

EZ Snap Airstream RV Skirting Review Clark Front
Installation of the skirt on our Airstream (Betty) couldn't have been easier.

Cleaning the side of the trailer before attaching the adhesive fasteners took the most time and was my least favorite part of the process. After cleaning it was a straightforward and satisfying process.

I purchased both grey and black fasteners. I used the black for the on the black section of the trailer and grey for silver sections, this way you don't notice the fasteners when the skirt is not attached. I was glad to have this option.

Hanging the skirt for the first time required two people to ensure it is hung straight. This went much more quickly than I expected.

The total time to get all tasks done was around 6 hours. We are very happy with the tidy and professional looking result.


EZ Snap™ Team - Very nice installation. Well done Jeff. Thanks for the Airstream skirting photos.

by Terry Fullerton on RV Skirting
Everything Stayed Attached
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting Fasteners

I ordered the snaps and clips to put on our travel trailer for this winter as our daughter is back home and is living in the trailer. We wanted to add a tarp around the bottom to help during the winter.

I did a lot of research and these were the best ones we found that we could use with our tarp.

They were easy to install and have already proven their adhesion as we had a wind storm come through with 55 mile gusts and everything stayed attached.

I am very pleased with the products to anyone and will definitely order more if needed.

Terry F

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review.

by Jason Halls on RV Skirting
Held Up to Winter Conditions

Halls EZ Snap Review RV Skirting 5th WheelThe skirting is very high quality, it is pretty easy to install in the fall and disassemble in the springtime.

I went with the 3m adhesive studs because i didn't want to put any screw holes in my new 5th wheel...

Also purchased the clips to hold the skirting in place and bought some PVC pipe and created a skeleton around the base of the trailer.

Even with high winds it held up to the winter conditions.

EZ Snap® Team - Thanks for your review Jason.

by Douglas on RV Skirting
What a GREAT product.

This is one of the most thought out, engineered, aftermarket equipment, that we have had the pleasure of installing on our RV in our 40 plus years of RVing. What a GREAT product. Installation video is EXCELLENT!

EZ Snap™ Team - We appreciate your positive comments.

by John King on RV Skirting
Heartily Recommend the EZ Snap Products

We live in our 35 foot motorhome. Our home base is a RV park roughly half hour east of San Diego, CA.

Most of the year temperatures are regularly in the 90s or above. During winter months temperatures at night are regularly in range of 30s-50.

We have a large one piece windshield which radiates summer heat inside coach. After installing the sunshade material it dramatically reduced the amount of radiated heat from the windshield and large side windows.

After installing skirting (had use 3 different product sizes) our floor was 15 warmer during winter months. We spent one winter in WA roughly an hour north of Seattle and the skirting really helped on heating costs when temperatures were below freezing.

Heartily recommend the ezsnap products.

Installation is definitely a DIY project as product is purchased in bulk so user MUST plan installation and measure accurately...

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the update John.

by Rick Merrill on RV Skirting
Already Warmer & Saving Energy (Video)

Dear EZ Snap Direct team,

I want to tell you how happy I am with my RV skirting. I purchased the product from EZSNAPDirect.com.

The EZ Snap kit included enough extras so I have more fasteners if I ever need to fix an air pocket or correct any area that may need!

I am already warmer in the cold temperatures. I feel the energy savings are already adding up!

The installation was done by myself and thank you for your how to do it videos as they offered many insights. I would recommend EZ Snap to anyone!

Here's a video of the skirting after installation:

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks for the video Rick! Looking great. Glad you like your new skirting.

by Jeanette Van Dijk on RV Skirting
Easy Installation, Great Price

I purchased my EZ Snap trailer skirt and was surprised with how easy it was to install it.

Living in Northern Alberta, Canada where winters are very cold, I needed a durable product that could stand up to our tough weather.

Someone recommended ez snap and when I looked at the website I was amazed at the prices as it was less than half of what I would pay to have someone local make a skirt for me.

Ordering and shipping was easy and I received it within the week.

At first I was worried about installing the skirt on my own as I have a very bad shoulder, but applying the snaps was as easy as sticking a sticker and then pushing the pin through the skirt and putting the cap on were very simple and much easier than I ever imagined. EZ Snap provides very clear, easy to follow steps.

I was able to customize the skirt and cut away around my door and outside cupboards and there is no fraying where the skirt is cut.

The skirt and snaps held up through a very cold winter with some severe wind storms and even then no snaps pulled off!

I'm amazed at how well the skirt has insulated my trailer and as soon as it was installed my propane usage for heating was nearly cut in half as no heat was escaping through the floor as it did before.

I recommend EZ Snap to anyone that asks me how to live long term in a travel trailer and would I need anything else I would definitely go through ez snap. Thank you for such an amazing product.

EZ Snap™ Team - Great to hear. Thanks for your review.

by Terry Keen on RV Skirting
Very Pleased

Class A Motorhome RV Skirting by EZ SnapVery pleased with this product.

Thank you for following up with a phone call it is nice to do business with a company that cares.

Adding the extra snaps made a huge difference. Five inches much better than ten.

I have had several people comment how nice it looks.

Terry L. Keen CMSP

EZ Snap™ Team - Looking great Terry! Thanks for the photos.

by Bryce on RV Skirting
Fantastic RV Skirting... Thanks!
EZ Snap Product: RV Skirting

Class A Motorhome RV Skirting by EZ SnapI wanted to write you and thank you again for the fantastic RV skirting. You were a pleasure to work with.

I was able to install the skirting myself in half a day using the adhesive mounts. I found the material to be easy to work with and I had no issues, even though I had no experience installing RV skirting.

I have now spent almost two months in Jackson, Wyoming winter and it's great! We have had the "snowiest" December in 40 years here and thanks to EZ Snap RV skirting I'm cozy and warm in my 38ft class A Motorhome. I have seen temperatures down to -15 Fahrenheit and have not had any issues with freezing.

My neighbors have high end custom skirting that cost triple what I paid through EZ Snap Direct. You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping me survive the Wyoming Winter!

Thanks so much! Bryce

EZ Snap™ Team - Thanks Bryce... nice installation. Glad it's working for you!

by Amy Hunt on RV Skirting
Not easy

The skirting is excellent quality. However, the video is misleading--installation is much more challenging than it appears. It took two men a full 8 hours to install. I do recommend the product but caution buyers that installation is very challenging.

Hello Ms. Hunt,

Thanks for your feedback.

We appreciate hearing about our customers’ experiences with EZ Snap since it provides an opportunity for us to help with installation issues and find ways to improve our products.

Sorry to hear that you were surprised by how challenging the skirting installation was. We have not had this kind of feedback before, rather the opposite.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the ‘How To Install RV Skirting’ video is quite detailed and provides thorough instructions. We are also available for guidance and problem solving by email and toll-free phone.

Every skirting project is different, but we find that a typical install runs from 4 to 8 hours depending how complex you want to make your finished product.

If possible, please email us a few photos of your installation. We may be able to learn more about your unique situation.


EZ Snap™ Team

by Tyson Davis on RV Skirting
5th Wheel Skirting

Only thing good I can say about the product was customer service. I had planned on purchasing skirting for the rest of my trailer but after installing the skirting around the 5th wheel section no way. After installing the skirting with the pvc clamps and additional support with concrete pavers to hold the bottom in place a storm blew through with light winds (15-20 mph). Afterwords I went under neath my 5th wheel section and easily half of the snaps had failed, some of them failed due to the snap itself not holding but most failed due to the cap that holds the skirt onto the pin. They just don't stay on. Now I have to worry about the next time my neighbors Yorkie passes gas.

Hello Mr. Davis,

Thanks for your feedback.

We appreciate hearing about our customers’ experiences with EZ Snap since it provides an opportunity for us to help with installation issues and find ways to improve our products.

Our goal is always to keep our customers happy and we would like to work with you to fix your issues and get your enclosure kit working for you.

It is rare that 5th wheel owners skirt only the hitch area, leaving the rest of the 5th wheel open. WE ADVISE STRONGLY AGAINST IT.

When our skirting is installed this way, wind goes under the RV and gets trapped in behind the Hitch Enclosure Kit. Due to the parachute-like shape of the enclosure kit, there’s nowhere for the wind to escape. This places excess force on the fasteners.

It takes a lot of force to rip the 3M fasteners off or to pop the caps off the pins. In your scenario, what tends to happen is 1 or 2 fasteners let go, leaving a flap of RV skirting. As that loose flap whips around, it puts exponential strain on the adjacent fasteners and causes a chain reaction. As each fastener lets go, the flap gets bigger, putting more load on the remaining ones.

To stop this issue from re-occurring, ideally, you need to skirt the remainder of your 5th wheel. If that’s not possible, it is vital for you to seal up the opening between the hitch area and the underside of the main floor of the 5th wheel with skirting or plywood. The goal is to keep the wind out of there.

Please give us an update on your current situation and confirm if you’ve managed to get the hitch enclosure skirting back in place.

If possible, email us a few photos of your installation. We may be able to offer some other tips and advice to help you out.

Note that we do have stainless steel screw studs that can be used in addition to (or instead of) the 3M adhesive fasteners.


EZ Snap™ Team