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Exterior Window Shades

The new EZ Snap fasteners now allow you to install exterior window shades for your home’s windows and skylights quickly, easily and with professional looking results.

Our optical grade exterior sun shades installed on your home will pay for themselves in reduced air conditioning bills.

Now you can save the environment and money at the same time. Discover what thousands of EZ Snap customers already have, how effective and simple to install this innovative product is. Don’t spend another summer in a hot and uncomfortable home.

For more information:

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Take approximate measurements of the windows you want to cover. Download the “How to measure worksheet”
  2. Decide the number of kits of Shading mesh you will need.
  3. Place your order online or over the phone.
  4. Follow the install instructions on the “How to Install page”.
  5. Relax and enjoy your cooler, more comfortable home.

Why is EZ Snap so effective at stopping Heat?

Sources of Heat GainEZ Snap Shade Screens are installed on the outside, shading the glass and stopping up to 90% of the heat before it enters the home or RV.

Home window tinting or window film are installed on the inside and reflect heat back into the windows weather seal. This can damage the seal, causing it to expand and contract every time there is a temperature change, (Example: cloud cover to full sun then back to cloud cover).

If a window film installer uses a film that reflects too much heat, it will super heat the weather seal of the window. If this continual superheating and cooling of the windows seal causes it to fail, moist inside air gets into the space between the glass causing condensation and loss of the windows insulation value or R Value. To stop the heat properly you need to do it before it hits the glass surface.

Remember: Windows are typically the source for up to 48% of the heat build up inside a home. EZ Snap exterior shades quickly pay for themselves through energy savings.

EZ Snap Exterior Shade Screens

EZ Snap™ shading mesh is an Optical Grade of exterior window shade cloth or shading screen. Most shade cloth mesh or solar screens will provide a significant shade factor, but many of them will distort your vision when you look through them because of their weave style. Learn More »




Examples of Mesh Colors – ( Inside & Outside Views)

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