Installing Shades on Residential Home, Yacht and RV Windows

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Read below for a variety of frequently asked questions and answers about EZ Snap window shades. Follow this link to our Knowledge Base featuring searchable articles and instructions.

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I have windows that crank open, can you tell me how to install the window shades by EZ Snap on those Windows?

The EZ Snap shades can be attached to the frame of the window that opens. This way, when you open the window, the window shade goes with it.

Why is Black EZ Snap Shade Mesh the Most Popular?

There are two main reasons why black shade mesh is most popular:

  1. The human eye sees lighter colors easier than darker ones. Because of this, your eye will see right through a black screen and see the brighter colors outside. If the screen were white, your eye would mostly see the white screen and it would be very difficult to see through it. The same reason that your TV screen is black, so you see the color pixels of the image and not the screen itself.
  2. Black is a great color for your exterior shades, since it looks the best installed. For example, let’s say that you have a tan colored house. If you put a tan colored shade on the window, the window blends completely into the color of the house. This makes it look like either your house does not have windows, or that they are covered with plywood. A black shade on the same tan colored house enhances the window. Black is a neutral color so it does not appear stark or out of place (like white).

How do I install EZ Snap Shades on our sliding patio door?

In some cases the EZ Snap fasteners stick out to far and the door won’t slide open without knocking them off, so here’s what you can do…

First check to see how much clearance you have between the surface that you will be mounting the EZ Snaps and the surface that will be sliding pass the snaps. You will require 11/16” clearance between these surfaces. This clearance is the same whether you are using the screw studs with the EZ Snap pin and cap or the adhesive studs.

If you do not have this much clearance, here are your options:

1. You can use the 3m Adhesive Studs and mount them right on the glass surface to gain more clearance.

2. Another trick is to mount your 3M Adhesive Studs onto the existing bug screen frame for one of the windows and use the outermost panel to mount the other shade screen onto. This works well most of the time since the bug screen frame usually has lots of clearance from the sliding door.

Note that if you install EZ Snap Shade Mesh over top of your bug screen, a moray pattern will appear. This does not affect the performance of the Shade Mesh, but will affect your view. Optionally, you may remove the bug screen from the frame to avoid this issue.

How do I install the shades on the curved windshield of my motorhome?

Because the windshield is not flat, you will need to calculate if the 6′ wide material will be wide enough for your windshield. As the material lays over the curve, it requires more fabric than just the height of the glass. It should also be noted that, when possible, try to keep the fabric from laying on the glass surface to help improve efficiency.

Should I use the adhesive style studs with my RV or the screw stud style ?

We find that most of the time our RV customers would rather not drill into their RVs. The 3M adhesive stud is an excellent alternative to the screw studs on an RV. As long as they are mounted on a clean, flat surface, they will stay in place in extreme heat or cold. It is imperative that the surface be clean and film free before you install.

Does it matter what side of the shading mesh is facing the sun?

The short answer is no. Both sides will give you the same shade factor.

For aesthetics though, you will want to install your shades with all the same side out for a more uniform look.

The difference in the two sides is very small… One side has a very slight wave in the weave, while the other side is a more uniform, square weave.

We find most of our customers place the side with the slight wave towards the glass. The shade mesh has a natural curl from being rolled up. When mounted correctly, the corners of your shade mesh will naturally curl towards the glass and your fabric will sit flatter against the window.

How do I install your window blinds on a round or curved window on my home?

There are two main methods you can use…

Method #1 (Easiest, but you need a steady hand for accuracy)
First pre-cut a piece of mesh that is oversized to the window you’re covering. Install the mesh over the EZ Snap pins, but do not lock on with the female caps yet. Using your white marking pencil, lightly trace the profile of the window frame onto the mesh. Remove the mesh. Confirm the arc you have drawn is correct, cut mesh and install. Some brave souls even cut the mesh free hand while it is still on the pins, but you need a good eye and a steady hand for this technique.

Method #2 (Most difficult, but most exact)
If the window is a perfectly round or semi round shape, you can use a string and a white marking pencil to make a round profile. First tie the marking pencil to one end of the string, find the distance from the center of the circle to the outside edge of the circle you want to make. Hold the string on the center point of the circle and with the string the same length of the radius of the circle you are making, draw with the arc of the circle onto the mesh. Confirm the arc you have drawn is correct, cut mesh and install.

Tip: You may find it easier to remove wrinkles on a curved or round install by using more fasteners and placing them closer together. Like every 6″ to 8″ apart.

Why is it that the EZ Snap shade screen doesn’t need to have a binding or hem after it is cut?

The EZ Snap shade mesh is a “non-fray” material. Most shading mesh and shade screens will either fray, unravel or both if they are not hemmed or finished with a binding material. This is one of the great features of the EZ snap exterior shades. Its what allows ” Do-It-Yourselfers” to precisely cut and size their shades by themselves with professional looking results”.

I noticed that on some of my windows, the screen appears to have a wavy look, like tiger stripes. What is causing this?

Your windows likely have a bug screen in them if you are seeing this moray pattern. This happens when you are looking through both the bug screen and the shade screen at the same time.

Many of our customers remove the bug screens from their windows before they install the shade screens.

The shade screen provides protection against bugs entering the window, however, the edges of the shade mesh are attached by snaps every 5 to 10 inches.

In contrast, bug screens are usually attached using a channel frame and spline system so they are secured around the entire perimeter of the screen.

If in doubt, leaving your bug screens in place will give you even more protection from smaller bugs.

Your window shades give daytime privacy, but how about at night?

The short answer is daytime privacy only. How does it work you ask. Well, the human eye always sees the brightest or lightest colors first; well before it registers dark colors. This is the same reason your TV screen is black. Your eye will see the bright, color pixels of the TV image and not the TV screen.

Turn off the TV and all you see is the black screen. In the daytime, when you are inside looking through the shade screen, it acts like a TV screen, in that you see the brighter outside image and not the shade screen. But from outside, you are unable to see in past the shade screen and all you see is the screen itself, (like when a TV is turned off). At night time this phenomenon reverses. People on the outside will be able to see in the brightly lite room and not the shade screen.

Shade Mesh Installation Guide

Installation really is easy and you’ll have your project finished in a snap. Check out our instructions for step-by-step details and illustrations…