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Step #2: Installing Fasteners

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Installing Fasteners: Clean & Prep Surface, Mount Studs & Pins


Most customers prefer using the “No-Drill” EZ Snap® 3M™ Adhesive Fasteners for their EZ Snap Shades. Deciding which EZ Snap® Fasteners are best for you depends on the type of frames you have:


  • Stainless Steel Screw Snaps: Best for wood frames, stucco or siding mounting. Install in any temperature. No surface prep required. Be careful not to over tighten screws.


  • 3M™/Stainless Screw COMBO Snaps: 3M™ adhesive seals around screw hole. Install in any temperature. Surface prep recommended for better adhesive bond. Be careful not to over tighten screws.


  • 3M™ Adhesive Snaps: Installation temperature MUST be at least 15°c /60°F for 72 hours before attaching shades. Surface preparation required.




REQUIRED Surface Cleaning & Preparation for 3M Adhesive Studs


1. Thoroughly clean the area where the studs will be mounted with 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove any film, dirt or oxidization. Bottles of isopropyl alcohol are available in 70%, 90%, and 99% concentrations. 70% works well without dilution. 90% or 99% should be diluted with 40% or 50% water, respectively. Water content slows evaporation, increases surface contact time, and is more effective at removing contaminants and debris (than using straight alcohol).

2. 3M recommends using 3M Primer as the final surface prep before mounting studs.
EZ Snap Pins & Studs


3. Remove adhesive backing paper then press into place with a minimum of 15 pounds pressure (in the centre and around the edges) on each Fastener.


4. After 3M studs have been installed, wait a minimum of 60 minutes before you install the shading mesh or 24 hours, ideally.


5. After Studs have been mounted, snap Pins onto Studs.


Fastener Spacing


For all Fastener types, we recommend MAXIMUM 10 inch spacing on most applications. For Shades 25 square feet or larger or in high wind areas, MAXIMUM 5 inch spacing. Install 2 Fasteners on each corner, 1.5 inches back from the corner.


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Place approximately 12 inches apart on the lens of the skylight.

AirFlo™ Spacers are recommended for all Dome Skylights or Skylights with Plastic Lens.

To use: Place the spacers approximately 12 inches apart or how every many
would be required to keep the mesh from laying on the skylight lens.

Why do we suggest the AirFlo Spacers: Many dome skylights are quality, "Made in America" skylights, but unfortunately there are
a lot of skylights on the market now that are made off-shore. In very hot weather, these poorly made skylight lens can develop crazing or imperfections in the
plastic of the skylight lens. This is caused by an excessive heat build-up in the sub-standard plastic lens.
The AirFlo™ spacers lift the shading mesh off of the lens of the skylight, allowing the excess heat to dissipate.

NOTE: Using AirFlo Spacers will slightly increase the size of the dimensions of the shading mesh you will need.

If you are confident that you have a quality built dome skylight, then these spacers
are probably not necessary for your project, but if you are unsure, better to be safe than sorry.

Outside View Black EZ Snap Shade Screens

OUTSIDE VIEW - BLACK EZ Snap Shade Screens.

INSIDE VIEW - BLACK EZ Snap Shade Screens

Outside View White EZ Snap Shade Screens

OUTSIDE VIEW - WHITE EZ Snap Shade Screens

Inside View White EZ Snap Shade Screens

INSIDE VIEW - WHITE EZ Snap Shade Screens

The Primer Pen is used for applications where it is necessary to increase the surface adhesion of the EZ Snap stud.

Contains a 3M Clear, Colorless primer. Enough to prime the surface area for approximately 50 studs.

To use: Shake the pen well before using.
A gentle squeeze 1″ in from the felt tip, ruptures the inner membrane, allowing the contents to be easily dispensed.
Apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface.
Dries clear. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying the studs. This takes approximately 5 minutes at room temperature.
Extremely porous surfaces may need a second application for uniform coverage and good adhesion.

TIP: Make a template, cut-out to the same size as the stud.
This prevents wasting primer by only priming the area that the stud will bond to.
**As with all primer type products, test on small area first to ensure it is compatible with surface.