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Measuring for EZ Snap Window Shades

EZ Snap® Window Shades can be fastened to your window frames, window trim, or the siding/stucco just beyond your window frames.

If none of these options will work for you, Adhesive Fasteners can be installed directly onto the window glass. Make sure that Fasteners will not be in the way of windows that slide open.

Covering the whole width of your window trim with Shade Mesh is more forgiving (should you have any crooked cuts) than partially covering your trim. This is especially true if the trim color is a heavily contrasting color to the shading mesh, like black shading mesh over white trim.

Determine Fastener Position

The size of each Shade will depend on where the EZ Snap Fasteners are mounted. For example, mounting 3M Adhesive Fasteners on the glass will require a smaller Shade than mounting with Screw-in Fasteners on the siding.

EZ Snap Fastener Locations for Window Shades

Tip: If your mounting surface is wood or is textured, be sure to use one of our screw-in style fasteners.

Mounting Surface for 3M Adhesive

Smooth, Flat and 1″ Wide

No Textured Surfaces

No Curved Surfaces

Too Narrow

What to Measure: Width & Height

Fastener Locations - Window Shades


Shading Mesh Width:

Measure from the center of left Fasteners, across glass, to the center of the right Fasteners, and add 1 to 2 inches.

Shading Mesh Height:

Measure from the center of top Fasteners, down across glass, to the center of the bottom Fasteners, and add 1 to 2 inches.

Tip: Distance between the centre of each Snap and the outside edge of the Shade Mesh must be minimum 1/2 inch.

Nested Layout

If installing Shade Mesh on multiple windows, use the “Cookie Cutter” or “Tetris” method to nest your various window sizes into the 72 inch tall Shade Mesh.

Windows can be rotated for the most efficient use of the EZ Snap® Shade Mesh with the least amount of waste.

Nested Layout for Multiple Window Shades

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We recommend using the EZ Snap Kit Size Calculator to figure out the most efficient layout before you start cutting your Shade Mesh.


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