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RV Skirting Kits with Quick & Easy to Install

“Do it Yourself” Solution with Professional Results.

SAVE THOUSANDS $$ –  using  the EZ Snap™ RV Skirting kit. The easy to install EZ Snap™ system, lets you achieve the same results as the expensive upholstery shop without the big bill.

Before the EZ Snap™ skirting system existed, if you wanted to insulate your RV with a custom fit RV skirting for your motor-home or fifth-wheel, you’d have to hire an upholster to come to your R.V. and custom fit your RV Skirting or RV underpinning. Tested in the extreme winters of Northern Colorado & Canada and in the blazing heat of Arizona and Texas. Our RV Skirting and underpinning kits are designed to fit all makes and models or Class A, Class C, Trailer trailers and 5th wheels trailers.

But now, using the patented EZ Snap™ fasteners, you can quickly install your own RV Skirting and fifth wheel skirting with professional results.
Watch our RV Skirting video by clicking below…

How to Install RV Skirting Video…

This RV Skirting Video shows step-by-step process for measuring and do-it-yourself installation.

See close-up video of how the 3M Adhesive Snaps attach to the sides of the RV, how the Skirting Material easily pops onto the pins, and see the finished installation with Caps and Skirting installed.

In this informative 10 minute video, learn how to install EZ Snap® RV Skirting on trailers, 5th wheels & motorhomes

Premium RV Skirting Material.

RV Skirting "No Holes to Drill" 3M Fasteners

RV Skirting available in White, Black, Grey and Tan

Diamond Weave RV SkirtingWhen EZ Snap™ developed this winterizing “DYI” RV skirting kit, we wanted to use the very best material we could find for the application. All of our skirting products are made using Diamond Weave™ premium skirting vinyl.  Diamond Weave™ is a very strong and durable vinyl with half the storage bulk of regular RV skirting. The secret to Diamond Weave’s™strength is its diamond shaped, interlaced scrim base. This allows for it to remain lightweight while still providing a durability insulating barrier in extreme weather conditions. Our skirting material is also a (Triple coated) material, for extra durability.

Diamond Weave RV Skirting Exclusively from EZ Snap

Diamond Weave™ Skirting Exclusive to EZ Snap®

The Diamond Weave™ RV skirting material is able to withstand temperatures to -40 degree winter conditions. Diamond weave RV Skirting can handle the extreme summer temperatures in places like Arizona, as well the extreme cold of a Colorado winter. When your looking for economical RV skirting solutions and skirting options, EZ Snap™ is the only clear choice.

  • Non-Fray, “Cut on Site” Fabric:   Diamond Weave™ RV skirting is a specialized, “Non-Fray” material designed for RV Skirting and underpinning. It features an encapsulated yarn built right into the base fabric. This is a great feature as it allows Do-it-yourselfers could cut the fabric on-site without the need for hemmed edges. Install it as one big skirting or cut it down into easy to store RV Skirting panels.
  • Cold Weather Performance Rated:  Diamond Weave™ RV skirting has a proven track record of outstanding performance in all climates. Wherever you do decide to buy your RV skirting or 5th wheel skirting from, insist that they use the Diamond Weave™ RV skirting material for long life and durability.
  • High Quality Skirting at Wholesale Prices:  EZ Snap™ RV Skirting is much less expensive than a professionally installed skirting, but the quality of the finished product will be as good, if not better than the material most upholstery shops install. Our customers are typically quoted $2500 to $5000 for upholstery shop skirting.
    Save $$$ THOUSANDS $$$ of dollars and install an EZ Snap kit.
  • Mold and Mildew Inhibitors:  Diamond Weave™ RV skirting also has the maximum amount of U.V. ray and fade inhibitors, as well as mold and mildew inhibitors. The Diamond Weave™ material has a  -40 cold weather performance rating.
  • Flame Resistant Certification:  Diamond Weave™ RV skirting also has a fire retardant rating. Most of our competitors do not have this feature, but we think it is well worth it to have the piece of mind and to sleep worry free.
    Since many of our customers use heaters underneath their skirting this is an absolute, must have feature.


Diamond Weave™ RV skirting also has the maximum amount of U.V. ray and fade inhibitors, as well as mold and mildew inhibitors. The Diamond Weave™ material has a  -40 cold weather performance rating.

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Easy DIY Installations for RV Skirting.

EZ Snap RV Skirting Kits & Fifth Wheel Enclosure Kits

EZ Snap 5th Wheel Enclosure kit, with optional zippered access door.

EZ Snap instructions on how to install RV Skirting include all the info you’ll need to do it yourself. Follow this link for detailed installation instructions here…

RV Skirting Installation Video…

The RV Skirting install is very similar to our RV shade screens or our residential shade screens. (See the How to install your own RV Skirting” Video).How to Install Your Own RV Skirting Video

Motorhome RV Skirting Class A Winter

EZ Snap skirting fits all makes and models of 5th Wheels, Class A, Class C or Trail Trailers.

You first place the screw studs into your RV in the areas that you wish to install the RV skirting. We recommend a 10″ spacing on the screw in fasteners and a 5″ spacing for the adhesive 3M style; see tip below for more info. Next, place the EZ Snap™ pins onto the studs. Place the skirting fabric over the pins, puncturing through the fabric with the pins and taking out any wrinkles as you move along. Then when you are happy with the look, just press on the EZ Snap™ caps and you’re done.

You may want to add rigid Styrofoam insulation board behind the skirting to add an R-value for climates with sub-zero temperatures.

The RV side skirting fabric comes in a 30″, 48″ or 60″ height. The 48″ tall skirting is great if you have slide outs, since you are able to use one height all the way around your RV. The front fifth wheel enclosure skirt is 71″ tall. If it is too tall, just cut it down to your required height or tuck the excess under the RV. Remember our RV skirting material is a “Non-Fray” fabric so there is no need to hem it.Save




Recommended Heaters for Under RV Skirting…

We recommend the heaters shown in the images below. Click on the images below to purchase or for more info...
Using a heater like these will ensure you will not have any issues with frozen pipes under your RV. To purchase these heaters from Amazon, just click on the image.

  • We suggest that you place one at the rear of the RV, facing to the front.
  • If you have a long RV, we recommend two heaters. One at either end, facing each other.
  • Set the thermostat to a setting that will make the heater come on if the temperature get close to zero degrees.
  • IMPORTANT: – Make sure that there are no flammable items or gases near the heater.
  • Placing the heater on a metal cookie sheet is a good idea to keep water and moisture away.

Click on the images below to purchase or for more info:

How to Hold Down Bottom of RV Skirting…

EZ Snap® Pipe Clamp System Highly Recommended.

RV Skirting Pipe Clamp

Only authorized way to finish the bottom of your EZ Snap RV Skirting. Protect your skirting against wind.

The RV skirting can be held in place in a variety of ways. One of the best ways is to use our PVC pipe clamp shown on the right.

You can simply use lengths of standard 3/4″ white PVC irrigation pipe (this pipe typically has a 1 and 1/16th of an inch O.D.).  Available at most local hardware stores. Just purchase the length of pipe you would need for your project. Wrap the bottom of your skirting fabric around the pipe lengths and snap our pipe clamp over the fabric.

Watch our installation video instructions here

Tuck the excess fabric under the RV. This pipe helps to weigh down the fabric in the wind as well as keep it straight. You can also purchase 90 degree pipe fittings from your hardware store to help make smooth corners for your skirting.

Other methods customers have used for holding the skirting down are to fold the excess under the RV and weight it down with sand bags or 2 x 4 lumber lengths. We do not recommend any other way of holding your skirting in place other than to use the EZ Snap RV pipe clamps with a heavy object behind the skirting to keep it in place. Using other techniques, runs the risk of applying downward pressure on the skirting and possibly pulling it off of the fasteners or damaging the fasteners.

These Pipe Clamps are sold individually here and we recommend that you place them every 2 to 3 feet.Save


RV Skirting Velcro for Panels

GECKO™ Velcro. Only Velcro™ product designed to bond onto EZ Snap RV Skirting material. Only available directly from EZ Snap™.

How to Join RV Skirting Panels.

The RV skirting panels can be joined together using our special Gecko™ Extreme Stick Velcro. Useful for accessing the space under your RV for hookups, maintenance and storage.

This Velcro was specially designed to stick to our RV Skirting product and is ideal for connecting skirting panels or access doors.

It allows you to cut down our skirting product into smaller sections and then join them together for a nice finished look.RV Skirting Velcro Gecko Extreme Stick

Instant RV Skirting Zippers. 

Instant peel & stick zipper is easy to install on your RV or 5th wheel skirting material. This zipper comes 7 feet long and can be cut down to any size, 7′ or less. The adhesive tape and the zipper are one piece and are ready to install. You just need to cut to size. Learn More »Save


RV Skirting Photo Gallery with Fifth Wheels, Trailers & Motorhomes.

EZ Snap™ vinyl skirting material is designed to handle extreme temperatures. Diamond weave RV Skirting can withstand extreme summer heat in places like Arizona, as well the extreme cold of a Colorado winter.

Have a look at the photo gallery, below, to see our proven skirting system in action.

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