Boat headliner repair with EZ Snap 3M Adhesive Snaps

Marshall is a repeat customer and he shared his unique way of using EZ Snap Fasteners to fix a sagging headliner in his boat:


a lot of you folks out there had
have boats in cars vehicles with sagging
headliners uh in my case in my boat
this is a vinyl headliner that was foam
backed and the foam degenerates over
time and they fall down they sag
terribly i’ve watched several videos on
how to repair them and it usually winds
up being contact cement and
awful mess at best
so in a
quest to avoid that this is what i came
up in it with
and it seems to work very well
these are just a few simple tools you
you need a felt marker
this is a 5 16 leather punch you can
order online for punching holes in the
vinyl or leather
this is a little quarter inch round
die grinder that you can put in your
and these
these are the magic right here
this is an easy snap stud
with an adhesive back on
you peel the paper off and stick it to
the ceiling and they
stick exceedingly well
they really stay put then of course this
is the button
that snaps on it and everything being
is uh
quite suitable for the saltwater
now i’ll try to get this close enough so
you can see the the number on here
and it’s easy snap it’s a company up in
they uh ship the buttons and the studs
out quite promptly i’m very happy with
okay this has to be done in proper
we need a measuring device
a uh a flexible straight edge works
and a pencil
what we do
then is uh
getting the
light over here for you
so you can see it
we go up to the ceiling
and we mark a grid up there
uh we measure out a grid and mark it out
with our straight edge with a light
pencil mark not too heavy because you
have to take it off later on
i think these are spaced about 10 inches
and it seems to work
so you mark your little grid out and
each of the grid intersections
you take your leather punch punch a hole
up through there do this before you take
that liner down push it up into its
original position as closely as you can
and uh
take your little leather punch
and punch the hole at every one of those
one for each button
i had to take the
the seam apart
and i took the um
the hatch trim down so i could access
above the liner above the vinyl now when
you get up in there that’s going to be
powdered degraded
and you’ll probably have to clean it and
vacuum it out a little bit it’s it’s
kind of messy to work with
when you punch these holes in position
make sure the vinyl is in the proper
original position when you punch these
holes reach up through them with a felt
and mark the ceiling
at every hole
okay when we get the liner down and get
it cleaned up a little bit on the back
we reach up in there
now we have to take
a drill with a
wire brush on it
pretty typical
small wire brush so you can reach in
and we have to clean that foam off from
the ceiling from the fiberglass
okay now when you do that you’re going
to remove your felt marker
so before you
take the wire wheel to it
you reach up there with that little die
directly on your mark
and grind a little divot
up in the fiberglass
not too deep because that fiberglass is
probably only a quarter inch thick
so we
then we reach up in the divot and mark
it with a felt marker
now you can grind that foam off with
your little wire wheel and your mark
will stay in place critically important
okay now that we’ve got them all marked
and cleaned off up there
we we stick our little uh
easy snap studs
centered perfectly centered over every
mark over every little divot
and we stick them up to the ceiling
and hold them there follow the
directions on how to stick them
after that’s done
uh your studs are in place now you can
the vinyl up over the stud
and snap the button on
it’s just that simple
and it
seems to look fantastic it looks like a
nice button tufted
piece of furniture or something
and then where the seams were
this material
you can cover the seams with
uh it’s called hidem h-i-d-e-m
strip and you can order that online from
several different companies
and you can either
it separates in the middle
so you can put a staple gun up there and
you can staple up to the fiberglass
if you got material you can’t staple you
can glue it up with contact cement over
the seam to hide it and that looks quite
good luck with your project