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Shade Product of the Year


Blocks the Heat • Not the View


Block up to 90% of the Heat and Damaging U.V. rays.


7x More effective than Interior Blinds


Energy Saving Product


Eliminate the Need
for Air Conditioning!


Patented Fastening System


3M™ Technology • Patented Fastener


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How does it work?

EZ Snap™ window shades or blinds are installed on the exterior of a window blocking the sun’s rays before they enter your home or RV. The reason our RV shades and exterior window shades are so efficient at blocking the suns heat is because they are installed on the outside of the glass, effectively cooling the glass surface as well as the interior of your home or RV – WATCH THE EZ SNAP VIDEO…

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Benefits of EZ Snap Shades

EZ Snap exterior shades have the following benefits for residential window shade, RV blinds and Motorhome windshield shades and blinds. Also blinds for Skylights and shades for skylights – WATCH THE EZ SNAP VIDEO…

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EZ Snap Fasteners

EZ-SNAP™ fasteners are a one of a kind, innovative product and are available at the online store at EZSNAPDIRECT.com. This amazing fastener system allows the average homeowner to install exterior shade screen on their home or RV, without specialized tools and with professional looking results – WATCH THE EZ SNAP VIDEO…

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EZ Snap Shading Mesh

Shade cloth is a term commonly used to describe a variety of shading mesh materials or shade screen. The shade cloth we use is an optical grade, meaning that, unlike most shade cloths on the market, it does not distort your vision when you look through it – WATCH THE EZ SNAP VIDEO…

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Other Uses for EZ Snap Fasteners

Other Products EZ Snap fasteners have been used for:EZ Snap Fasteners. Shade screens for doors, Window and door treatments like curtains, blinds, and draperies, Covers and fitted covers for boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles…

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