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How Do EZ Snap® Window Shades Work?

EZ Snap® window shades or blinds are installed on the exterior of a window blocking the sun’s rays before they enter your home or RV.

The reason our RV shades and exterior window shades are so efficient at blocking the suns heat is because they are installed on the outside of the glass, effectively cooling the glass surface as well as the interior of your home or RV.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy studies have proven that shade screen installed on the outside of windows are up to 7 times more effective at blocking heat than interior blinds or window tinting.

Infrared Imaging of EZ Snap® Shades

The infrared images below show the EZ Snap® shades at work. The image on the left shows that even though this window has its vertical blinds closed, the heat is still entering into the house. The picture on the right shows how the EZ Snap® shades have stopped the heat from entering as well as cooling the window glass surface itself.


Why are EZ Snap® exterior window shades more effective than home window tinting?

Window tinting film is glued onto the interior window surface. As you know, shade on the exterior of the glass surface, stops up to 7 times more heat than a product on the inside surface. Our Unique shading mesh stops the heat before it hits the glass. This same principle is true for any application – house windows, RV windshields or skylight shades.

Another problem with tinting is that home window tinting or window film can cause damage to the window’s weather seal. If a window film installer uses a film that blocks too much heat, it can “super heat” the weather seal of the window. It is this continual “superheating” and cooling of the window’s seal that causes it to fail.

Moist inside air gets into the space between the glass surfaces and causing condensation, fogging and loss of the windows insulation value or R Value. Because of this problem with window tinting, film installers must install films that do not stop too much heat to protect the window from failing.

For more information, please view the EZ SNAP VIDEOS.