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RV Skirting Review Photo Gallery from Joel & Michelle.

I ordered the EZ Snap kit online. The website is very user friendly, and instructive on how to calculate what kit you will need.

I ordered the 130’ kit in the widest width available. Shipping was prompt, and the packaging was smaller than I thought.

The installation took my wife and I two Saturdays. The stick on snaps take a little more prep time, but they go on fast.

The fabric material is easy to work with, and pretty tough.

There is a cutting tool provided, but I found a good sharp pair of scissors was better for me. Installing the fabric onto the snap, is the hardest part of the project. The fabric is tough so you have to apply a lot of pressure on your thumbs. Mine were pretty sore by the end of the project.

It was pretty easy to get it tucked under at the bottom, and I used gravel underneath to weigh it down.

It has held up to the wind very well. 60+ mph. I have not had to adjust anything or fix any snaps. It looks good, and I am very pleased with it.

Joel & Michelle King – Idaho

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