R Pod Trailer Skirting Review

Received from Dylan Welsh

Initially I was impressed with the online videos which made the install process easy and the comparative price of the skirt.

The videos were very clear and easy to follow regarding measuring and install.

When I did have more complicated questions regarding my specific style and model of trailer the customer service folks called me back directly to discuss the concerns I had and provide suggestions and guidance I had not even thought of like having an overlap on the bottom of the trailer instead of attaching the skirt directly to the very bottom edge of the trailer.

The kit arrived quickly and I was able to install it in a 2hr period. So far the skirt has held up to 25 mph steady winds with the PVC frame and some counterweights installed behind the skirt.

I have used it down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit so far. The night before the skirt install the heater came on 4 times but the night after it came on once. The conditions were almost identical both nights with 5mph wind and temps down to 30F.

The only thing I was annoyed at was my skirt came in 2 sections when I ordered it in one. I had not noticed the notation about availabilities etc on the order form. In the end this has made no difference in the performance of the skirt and you can’t tell it’s 2 pieces unless you really look closely.

I plan to add 2” blue foam board insulation behind the skirt soon. This was also a suggestion offered from the customer service rep to further insulate my 3 season trailer.

Dylan Welsh

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