EZ Snap RV Skirting Customer Review Photos…

RV Skirting Review Photo Gallery from M & C.

We wanted something that looked sleek, that you could use many times, and be able to take it with us wherever we went.

Being full time RVer’s, we needed it to break down and travel in a small space.
We looked at DIY, as it was cheaper, but nothing really looked like we could make it work for what we wanted. We live in Montana, close to the Canadian Border, and we get wind, freezing rain, and snow. What we would use needed to hold up.

We were happy with how it turned out. These are pictures of before, then with the skirt, and then with the 5th wheel enclosure.

M. & C.
Kalispell, MT

We put the pipes together before we worked on the skirting. We felt that would be easier and could lay things out, so we made this our first step.

We were very nervous about drilling and putting the snaps on our new 5th wheel, some we drilled into the metal siding. But looked really good and really could not see them from a distance.

I had a really hard time getting the female part of the snap over the male part of the snap. So we came up with a device that worked really well.

We were very happy how it went on and how it looked after we trimmed it.

We really couldn’t find any info on how to do the overhang on the 5th wheel. So we glued the male snap across the front and then screwed them in along the edge of the fifth wheel. When we got to where the skirting and the overhang met, we pretty much did them side by side and then going with the flow of the overhang we velcroed it down to the ground.

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