Who is EZ Snap?

Who the heck I’m I, you say….

My name is Ray Waddell, I’m the founder and inventor of the EZ Snap™ exterior shade system.  The EZ Snap™ “Light Bulb” moment came to me during a time when I owned a busy shade and awning company. EZ Snap™ was born out of a real need in the market place for an economical way of attaching high quality exterior shades, without the high cost. The first EZ Snap™ shade was installed in 1999 and since that time EZ Snap™ the company has grown to a large company with a variety of products that feature the EZ Snap™ fastening system. Our fastener system has gone through a number of improvements since that time, which have made it into the great product it is today.

Saving Energy – Saving Money!

For me, the most rewarding part of bringing EZ Snap™ to the world, is to know that with every new EZ Snap™ shade installed, we are not only saving energy and money for our customers, but we are helping make our earth a greener place by reducing the need for Air Conditioning! If you have any questions at all please call 1-877-439-7627 and ask for Ray or send me an email:  [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.