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Ordering and Shipping Questions

How will I know when you have shipped my screens and when will I know when they are scheduled to be delivered?

When you place your order, you are asked to provide an email address. When your order is shipped, we email you tracking information so that you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

All your prices are in U.S. funds, but I live in Canada. How do I order and what exchange rate will I pay?

Yes, all prices are in U.S. funds, but you can still order from Canada. Simply proceed through the checkout and pay with either MasterCard or Visa. The exchange rate you will pay will be determined by your credit card company. The exchange rate they charge can change daily and is tied to foreign currency markets. You can get a ball park of what the Canadian dollar is trading for from site like Yahoo Finance.

EZ Snap has Canada & USA Locations

Your site says free shipping on all orders over $225.00. Last month I placed an order for $150 and I would now like to place another order for $150.00 Can I combine my orders over time to get free shipping?

Unfortunately, separate orders can not be combined to receive free shipping. One option though, would be for you to find a friend, family member or neighbor, who could also use some EZ Snap mesh and combine what they need with your second order. If the amount is over the $225 limit, you both receive the benefit of free shipping.FREE Shipping from EZ Snap