How to Install EZ Snap Pins onto Studs Without Finger Pain

After the EZ Snap Studs have been installed, the next step is to push the Pins onto the Studs. If the temperature is cold, or you have lots of Pins to install, the process can cause finger and thumb pain, broken nails, and a bit of frustration.

Using a Bic pen, a leather awl, a small socket driver, or some similar tool, can really help to give you some leverage and speed up the process… without pain!

Here’s a quick video that Ray from LoveYourRV put together showing this easy tip…


How to Remove EZ Snap® Pins from EZ Snap® Studs

This video shows how to properly use the Removal Tool to snap the Pins off the Studs.

As seen in the video, the removal tool is placed between the base of the Pin and the Stud.

Once the removal tool is in position, turn it like a key to un-snap the Pin from the Stud.

This method is the same whether you are using to remove your EZ Snap® Shades or EZ Snap® RV Skirting from your RV.