Freight Forwarding

Shipping for International Orders

If you live outside of The United States or Canada, you will need a freight forwarding company to assist with shipping your EZ® Snap orders.

There are many to choose from, but many of our customers have had success with VIABOX.

We have existing customers who have used Viabox to successfully ship from a US delivery address to countries such as Australia. They offer easy package forwarding and serve over 220 countries.


Here’s how Viabox freight forwarding works…

  1. Register for free to get your own US address instantly. Viabox provides Oregon state shipping address with 0% Sales Tax.
  2. Shop at EZ Snap’s secure website.
  3. Ship your purchase to your US Viabox address. Note that orders over US$225 qualify for free shipping to Viabox. 
  4. Viabox will ship your orders to your international address using a preferred shipping company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL DUTIES, TAXES, AND BROKERAGE FEES CHARGED BY THE FINAL DESTINATION COUNTRY ARE PAYABLE BY THE CUSTOMER: EZ Snap will ensure duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are paid for customer orders delivered to Viabox addresses in the United States.

Get a free US address instantly and start shopping today at, from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

Take a tour of Viabox features…

Automated Warehouse

Viabox invested in state-of-the-art technologies to equip their massive warehouse with fast, powerful and automated package sorting and storage retrieval solutions that encompasses inventory control, picking, packing, shipping sortation, and quality control to simultaneously improve productivity, speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Fast Processing

Viabox customers are automatically notified at the arrival of every package to their suites at Viabox warehouse. Customer can request to forward one or all their boxes as soon as they arrive at their suites. Automated systems are setup to process and prepare shipments and get them ready for daily pickup by shipping companies like UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.

Free Package Consolidation

Save up to 85% on shipping cost when you combine all your boxes together. While most other package forwarding companies do not even offer package consolidation to their international customers or charge extra fees for it, Viabox offers the consolidation service for free to all customers.

Free Repackaging

Offering FREE repackaging service to all customers to save them money on shipping costs. Repackaging reduces the dimensional weight of packages and helps ensure that their items are not damaged during transport. Experienced staff take extra time to ensure that all customers’ merchandise is properly packaged for international shipping.

0% Fee Assisted Purchase

Viabox will even buy your items for you from EZ Snap at NO additional charge. Their free concierge service allows our customers in 220+ countries to shop from a large number of US merchants who ship strictly to the United States and/or do not accept international credit cards.

Free 180 Day storage

Customers can store each package that arrives at their suites for FREE for a period of 180 days from the date of delivery of each package. This helps our customers to wait for more boxes to arrive at their units, in order to combine all of them in one large box if possible to save on shipping cost.