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RV Skirting Review Photo Gallery from Laura & Benajmin.

My husband and I travel for work. We sometimes have to pack everything up and move with just a couple days notice. As our work was taking us up further north, we knew we were gonna need to start skirting the trailer through the winter. But we wanted something that can move with us. So we purchased the EZ snap skirting and Fifth wheel hitch kits.

Our 41’ Fifth wheel needed a 110’ kit and we ordered plenty of extra adhesive snaps to make a good bond around the entire fifth wheel.

It took me a couple weeks to do the project by myself (a few hours a day when it was nice and warm), and had my husband help me when we rolled out the vinyl.

We were very happy with the quality of the vinyl and the bond of the adhesives. Velcro came in handy for a custom made hitch cover, access panels, and latch door access.

Noticed immediate difference in the floors of our trailer.

Thank you!

Laura & Benajmin

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