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Other Uses for EZ Snap Fasteners

fastenerOther Products EZ Snap fasteners have been used for:

  • Shade screens for doors
  • Installing Gintec Aluminet Mesh on Greenhouses or shade structures
  • Pergola Shade Covers
  • Window and door treatments like curtains, blinds, and draperies
  • Covers and fitted covers for boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles
  • Covers and fitted covers for awnings, trucks, automobiles, machinery and trailers
  • Tarpaulins, grill covers; and fasteners and attachment systems,
  • For securing material onto an object
  • Installing bug screens for RV or car grills, to protect radiator.
  • Install heat reflecting covers on the outside of car windshields when parked
  • Prevents sun’s heat from reflecting off of window glass and warping or melting vinyl siding.
  • For hanging Signs, banners ect..
  • Light covers to block light from coming through the air vents in RV’s

If you have found a new use for the EZ Snap Fasteners, please let us know. Contact us here…