EZ Snap®

Exterior Shade Screens

EZ Snap Exterior Shade ScreensEZ Snap® shading mesh is an Optical Grade of exterior window shade cloth or shading screen. Most shade cloth mesh or solar screens will provide a significant shade factor, but many of them will distort your vision when you look through them because of their weave style.

We have designed our mesh to block the heat, not the view using a unique weave method. EZ Snap® shading mesh has a very high amount of U.V. ray protection built in.

This ensures a durable product even in the most severe sun exposure applications. Either as residential shades, skylight shades or RV shades; it can also survive extremely cold weather allowing you to leave it installed through all four seasons. When installed using the new EZ Snap® fasteners, “Do-it-Yourselfers” can achieve professional looking results, without any experience.

EZ Snaps Exterior Window Shade Mesh is a “Non-Fray” material:

Our shade cloth also has the unique ability to be cut without the need for a hemmed edge or binding of the edge. This unique ability allows the “Do-it-Yourselfer” to create a professional looking finished shade screen project right without any need for expensive tools or high priced professional upholsterers.