Durability and Life Expectancy

How long is the life expectancy of the screens?

The EZ Snap mesh has been designed to withstand both extreme sun exposure and winter weather. This product has been tested in locations like Arizona for over 10 years and the original test shades are still going strong, providing shade and comfort.

Can they be left up though out the winter?

Yes. As a matter of fact we find that most of our customers leave their screens on all year round. You can choose to remove your screens if you want to use the suns heat in the winter to help heat your house. Just unsnap the screens from the house using the EZ Snap removal tool.

Removal Tool for EZ Snap Fasteners

EZ Snap Removal tool with fabric cutter

The removal tool seen on the right now comes FREE in every kit sold through the EZ Snap online store. This tool is used to remove your shades if you want to store them for the winter or cleaning the glass.

How to use:

Simply slide the prongs between the stud and the base of the pin. Pry the pin away from the stud until the pin unsnaps from the stud. The pin and cap stay locked together in the fabric, ready to be snapped back onto the stud again in the spring. Many of our customers leave there EZ Snap shades up all year round as there is no need to remove them for winter, unless you want the heat from the sun to help warm your home.

How well does EZ Snap stand up in the wind?

In all the many years of field testing of the EZ Snap shades, we have never had our product come off in the wind. As long as you install your shades according to the instructions ( 10″ max.. spacing on fasteners), your shades will stay in place. Although they are not hurricane or tornado proof, they are just fine in all but the most extreme winds. If you are located in an area with extreme winds or if your windows are over 30 sq/ft, then we recommend a 5″ spacing of fasteners.