Miscellaneous Questions

I’m worried that the screens will make my room too dark?

This is a common concern from people who have never experienced good quality shade cloth before. We recommend that if you are concerned about this, simple order enough to do one window and see for yourself. Although light levels are less, most people realize that it is not significant and actually appreciate the reduced glare. If you are presently closing drapes or blinds to try and stop the heat, you will actually see a large increase in light levels since you can open the blinds, pull back the drapes and still block the heat.

EZ Snap Sun Shades Block Heat Not View

I have a beautiful view of the lake, but in the heat of the day I have to pull my curtains until sun sets because it is so HOT! I want to stop the heat but I don’t want to lose my view. Can I still enjoy my view with the EZ Snap shades in place?

Yes you can. I guess I would ask you, how much of your view you are seeing when you have the curtains closed to stop the heat? ZERO. With EZ Snap you are able to enjoy your view all day long without closing blinds or curtains. Because EZ Snap tends to reduce glare, your view may even improve over glass alone.

Can I install the EZ Snap shade screens on the inside of my window?

Yes. But remember that it will be up to 7 times more effective at stopping heat if you install it on the outside. We have had customers that have had no choice but to install it on the inside simply because they were living in a high rise apartment and could never reach their windows.