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Removing RV Skirting for Storage

Use the EZ Snap removal tool if you ever want to remove your skirting for transport or to gain access behind the skirting.

Look between the RV skirting and the side of the RV where snaps are mounted. Place the removal tool between the stud and the base of the EZ Snap pin. The stud and pin are the two parts of the snap that are meant to come apart.

Twist the removal tool, like you are turning a key, to gently pry the pins off of the studs to unsnap the skirting.

Using the removal tool (or a small straight screw driver) to undo the snap fasteners prevents undo stress on the RV skirting, the snap parts, and the 3M adhesive, when used.

Removal Tool Video

Click on the video below to watch. 

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