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Using EZ Snap® Pipe Clamps to Finish Your RV Skirting Project Properly

Customers use various techniques to finish the bottom edge of the RV skirting and secure against wind. Over the years we’ve seen them all, but the best option we’ve seen is a 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe frame around the bottom perimeter of the RV.

The Best Security Against Wind Damage

Plastic pipe can be purchased inexpensive locally and they are easy to install, lightweight, and portable. Securing the bottom of the RV skirting with a plastic pipe frame is required in order to maintain your EZ Snap® warranty.

The EZ Snap pipe clamp system utilizes common 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe & couplings to form a frame around the base of the RV skirting. Skirting is tucked under the pipe frame, hiding the pipe from view behind the skirting.

How to Design a Plastic Pipe Frame

Start with a rectangle pipe frame with the same dimensions as the bottom of your RV. If skirting any slide outs, add a ‘T’ connector directly below the short walls of each slide out. Add pipe sections the same length as the slide out walls and insert into the ‘T’ connectors.

Pipe Frame for RV Skirting

For added strength on larger RVs, it’s a good idea to install another length of pipe or two from side to side under the RV (in the same direction as the axels). Connect these cross pieces to the main rectangular frame using ‘T’ connectors.

PVC pipe sections have a flange on one end for easy connections. Corner elbows and ‘T’ connectors can be used where needed. Friction fit works fine, so primer and glue are not required to hold the frame together.

EZ Snap® Pipe Clamps

Once the skirting is installed and in the desired position, it’s locked in place on the pipe frame using the EZ Snap pipe clamps. This technique provides an easy way to hold the skirting in place and keep the skirting in line around corners and slides.

Pipe clamps are placed every 2 to 3 feet around the perimeter. Ideally the skirting should just lightly touch the ground, providing a good seal around the bottom of your skirting.

Carefully Secure with Weights

To secure RV skirting against wind, weights may be placed under the RV on the inside of the pipe frame. Weights should be placed behind the skirting in the corners and down the sides.

Weights must be placed on the extra skirting material that is laying on the ground. Placing weights on the bottom of the skirting in a way that pulls down on the fasteners will eventually pull the fasteners off the mounting surface.

Customers use a variety of different weights, including cement blocks, sand bags, water bags, wood, or even their summer tires.

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