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How to Secure RV Skirting Against Wind Damage

RV skirting keeps the undercarriage of an RV warm by sealing it off from the outside air. For this reason, it is important to not have any large openings where the cold outside wind can blow in under the RV.

Securing against wind is also important because RV skirting has a large surface area that can catch the wind, just like a sail or parachute. If wind gets in under the RV skirting, the wind gets trapped and has no way to escape. Trapped wind may damage the skirting or snaps and potentially expose the RV undercarriage to the elements.

Seal Up Skirting Seams with Velcro

Each RV skirting project will have at least one vertical seam where the two ends of the skirting overlap. Some customers prefer to cut their skirting into smaller sections, creating more vertical seams.

EZ Snap® Gecko Velcro is designed to connect RV skirting at the seams in order to keep the wind out.

Secure the Bottom Edge of Skirting with Pipe Frame

It is recommended to make a 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe frame around the bottom of the skirting and attach the skirting to the pipe frame using EZ Snap Pipe Clamps. When using the pipe frame to secure skirting against wind, place weights in behind the skirting to hold the frame and skirting in place.

Weight Warning

Placed weights on the extra skirting material that is laying on the ground (on the inside of the pipe frame). Placing weights onto the bottom of the RV skirting in a way that pulls down on the fasteners will eventually pull the fasteners off the mounting surface.

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