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What Height Kit Do I Need?

To determine the height of the RV Skirting that will work best for your RV, measure from the ground up to the highest point you will be skirting, then add 4 to 6 inches. Skirting is available in 46, and 60 inch heights.

Top of Skirting

The highest point for the top of the Skirting may be above your wheel wells or, more commonly, it will be to the bottom of the short walls of the slide outs.

The easiest installation is to have the top edge of the RV Skirting at the same height all the way around your rig. Obviously, Skirting will need to be trimmed down below the main door (so you can still get in and out) and, possibly, trimmed down below the furnace vent.

Fastener Height

When deciding what height to mount Skirting, consider where the EZ Snap Fasteners will be located. Remember, Adhesive Fasteners require a totally smooth, flat, and clean mounting surface at least 1 inch wide.

Once you have decided on the best location to install the Fasteners, measure from the Fastener height down to the ground, then add 4 to 6 inches.

Add Four to Eight Inches

Remember to add 4 to 8 inches to the highest point measurement for extra Skirting Material that is needed to fold under the pipe frame at ground level.


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