How To Fix The Problem Of Faded Floors, Carpets And Furniture

Faded Floors and Furniture

How To Fix The Problem Of Faded Floors, Carpets And Furniture

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Furniture and Floors Faded from Sun If sun light is entering your home, there is the risk of it fading your flooring carpeting or furniture.

How do you prevent or reduce this problem and not darken the room too much or block the view.

One of the most economical solutions is installing exterior shading products on your skylights or windows. Exterior shades are designed to filter down the amount of damaging UV rays entering your home. The better ones are able to block up to 90% of these rays, while still allowing adequate ambient like to enter.  Energy saving exterior shades like the EZ Snap shades, act like a shade tree placed in front of your window. The main differences being, they don’t block your view or take 30 years to grow large enough to shade your home.

Another factor that causes fading is heat. Heat is responsible for up to 25% of the fading of household items. The exterior window and skylight shades also reduce the amount of heat entering the home, further reducing damaging fading from happening. To learn more about the additional benefits of exterior shading products, Click Here.

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