How to Stop Melted Vinyl Siding

EZ Snap Customer Review with Video submitted by Shannon S in Canada

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The Problem: Melted Vinyl Siding

We ended up discovering EZ Snap when researching what was causing the vinyl siding on our house, as well as our neighbour’s house, to melt. We discovered that the most likely culprit was the sun reflecting off the energy efficient windows that our new house was built with.

In the pictures with this review, you can see how the sunbeam was hitting the neighbour’s house and creating long streaks of melted siding.

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After discovering what was causing the problem we set out to find a solution. At first I called several window coating businesses in our city to explain the problem and see if there were any local solutions available, which there were not. So, turning to Google, we found that there were three solutions:

1. Build and screw an actual screen over the window
2. apply a dispersing coating to the window
3. EZ snap screens

We decided very quickly that we did not want to screw anything to the house. With the extreme freeze and thaw we have here in our region of Canada, that seemed like a recipe for disaster to us. We debated for a time over the glass film, or an EZ snap screen, and ultimately went with EZ snap because it seemed like a more forgiving application process. I mean, applying a screen protector to an Ipad or cell phone without bubbles was annoying enough, I didn’t want to have to try to attempt it on a window-size scale, even though our problem window was very small.

The Solution: EZ Snap

Unfortunately our project was so small that we didn’t qualify for free shipping. However, the sizing instructions and ordering platform were very easy to use, and after reading a few of the reviews we decided to also order a couple extra pins for our tiny project. Given that the area we were covering was so small, we probably went a little overboard with the number of pins we used, but we decided it was better to have more pins per surface area than fewer. We placed our order and were expecting it to be delivered in a week to two weeks, given that it was coming from the US. Products from the US coming to Canada are notoriously slow. We were extremely surprised and happy when it arrived within 3 days of being shipped.

The Application: The instructions for application of the screen were clear and easy to follow.

We measured twice and cut once :-). While the screen was on the floor we also laid out the pins around it to determine where we would put them before I was out on the roof again. We also determined that we wanted to attach the pins to the 3M studs BEFORE I went out on the roof again. This went against the instructions, but our reasoning was that I could only just barely reach the top left corner of the window, and the snaps to attach the pins to the studs were so tight it would have been impossible, and very unsafe, for me to do stretching on my toes on a steeply sloped roof. With a plan of attack in mind and armed with a ruler, I went back out and placed dots with a Sharpie at the predetermined spacing. I kept the studs with their pins applied in a bag that I clipped to my jeans so I had easy access to them, and easily applied the studs to their pre-marked locations. We waited 24 hours before applying the screen to the pins, as per the instructions. The screen was a little tough to jam over the pins, but the only truly difficult area was the top left, which was entirely due to my reach, not the product. The caps snapped onto the pins easily after the screen was applied.

The Conclusion:

Overall we feel quite pleased with our choice to go with EZ Snap to protect our house and the neighbour’s house from further solar damage.

Shipping was fast, installation was easy, and the black screen is practically unnoticeable due to how dark our windows usually look against the dark siding of our house. Unless you knew it was there you wouldn’t notice the screen so I feel that it doesn’t diminish the aesthetics of our home at all.

10/10 would recommend EZ Snap.

Shannon S. in Canada