New Golf Ball Protection Screen Saves Your Window And Energy At The Same Time

Window without EZ Snap golf ball protection screen

New Golf Ball Protection Screen Saves Your Window And Energy At The Same Time

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Golf Ball Protection Screens for Windows

If you have ever lived next to a golf course, you or someone you know has a story of broken windows caused by golf balls. One of the perils of living next to a golf course is having a stray ball smash a window on your home. This is frustrating, expensive and sometimes frightening.

Window without EZ Snap golf ball protection screenOne method of reducing the likelihood of having windows damaged by golf ball strikes is to install an exterior shading screen over the window. The screen acts as a barrier in front of the glass, slowing down and reducing the speed of the ball. In most cases this prevents the glass from being hit or breaking. If your really close to the T-box, you can have your contractor build you an additional frame around the window to increase the distance the screen is mounted from the glass, thereby increasing amount of force your screen can stop before the ball impacts the glass.

The beauty of this solution, is that you get so much more than glass protection from your screen. These screens also block up to 90% of the sun’s heat without blocking your view outside. In addition, they provide day time privacy from golfers and nosy neighbours. With so many benefits in one product, they pay for themselves in no time.

3 Benefits, One Product:


  • Protect window glass from golf ball strikes ( Especially when you our your contractor build a stand-off frame around the window).
  • Energy saving shades that block the heat without blocking the view.
  • Daytime privacy

To learn more about all the benefits of a golf ball protection screen, Click Here

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