How RV Solar Shades Can Cool Your RV Without Air Conditioning RV Window Sun Shades

How RV Solar Shades Can Cool Your RV Without Air Conditioning

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Are you tired of listening to the constant drone of your RV’s air conditioner?

RV Shades by EZ SnapThere is a better way. By simply adding exterior RV solar shades or blinds to your RV, you can substantially reduce or even eliminate the need to run your RV air conditioning.

Why do exterior RV solar blinds work so well at stopping heat, compared to interior RV blinds? The secret is in the fact that they stop the heat before it enters the RV window, as well as, they also shade the glass of the RV window from the hot rays of the sun. In hot areas like Texas and Arizona, exterior RV solar shades are very common. On large class A motor homes, the front windshield is commonly covered due to its large size and for privacy. Many of today’s modern fifth wheel trailers also have large windows in the back or sides that benefit from a reduction of solar gain and an increase in privacy.

Day time privacy is one of the main benefits of adding a RV solar shade. With the EZ Snap RV solar screens installed on the RV, it is very difficult, if not impossible to see into the RV form the outside during the day. This is particularly handy in the close quarters of some of today’s crowded RV parks.

The recent innovation of the EZ Snap fastener system is now allowing RV owners to install their own RV solar shades.

The EZ Snap shading mesh is a non-fray material that can be cut and shaped right on-site by the RV owner. This has substantially reduced the cost of the RV solar shades and blinds by removing the expensive labour of having them custom built by an upholstery shop.

Whether you have a motorhome, 5th wheel, park model or trailer, installing your own RV solar blinds is a sure way to instantly increase your comfort and privacy.

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