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Care & Usage Tips for EZ Snap® Shades

EZ Snap® Shades are very durable and weatherproof material that does not require any special care.EZ Snap Shade Care & Maintenance

EZ Snap® Shades can be cleaned simply with water from a garden hose.

For any dirt that doesn’t easily rinse off, warm soapy water may be used as needed.

Shades can stay on year-round or be removed during cooler seasons.

EZ Snap Removal ToolRemoval Tool

When removing your Shades, be sure to use the EZ Snap Removal Tool or a small flat screwdriver to separate the Fasteners.

Place the straight blade between the base of the Pin and the Stud, twisting gently, to pop them apart without pulling on the Shades or the Fasteners.

The Stud remains on the mounting surface and the Cap and Pin stay locked onto the shading mesh.

Watch Removal Tool Video Here…

Shades should be clean and dry when rolled up for storage.

Shades will maintain their smooth, wrinkle-free appearance longer if you avoid folding or ‘kinking’ the Shade Material.

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