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How to Install 5th Wheel Hitch Skirting

When skirting a 5th wheel RV, a nice addition is to add taller skirting to the hitch area. EZ Snap Hitch Enclosure Skirting Kits utilize extra tall skirting and are great for adding extra storage and insulating value to your skirting project.

Installation instructions for 5th wheel hitch enclosure skirting are the same as for the shorter side skirting, so please follow this link to How to Install RV Skirting.


Zipper Access Door

EZ Snap provides an optional sewn in zippered access door at the time your kit is ordered. This zippered door is done at the factory using two heavy duty industrial strength zippers, sewn into the door side of the hitch enclosure skirting. The access door provides an easy way to access the space inside your 5th wheel hitch enclosure area.


Wind Warning

If installing skirting only around the hitch area of the fifth wheel, it is very important to seal up the open space between the floor of the RV and the ground (at the back of the hitch area) in order to avoid wind damage.

To effectively secure the hitch enclosure skirting against wind, whether using a sheet of plywood or skirting material to cover the space between the floor of the RV and the ground, the skirting will need to attach using Velcro or snaps.

If the entire hitch area is not sealed up properly to secure against wind, the wind may get in behind the enclosure skirting.  When that happens, the large piece of skirting acts like a parachute and the extreme force may break the fasteners or cause other issues.


Secure the Bottom of Skirting

It is recommended to make a 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe frame around the bottom of the skirting and attach the skirting to the pipe frame using EZ Snap Pipe Clamps.

When using the pipe frame to secure your hitch area skirting against wind, place weights in behind the skirting to hold the frame and skirting in place.


Weight Warning

Placing weights onto the bottom of the skirting in a way that pulls down on the fasteners will eventually pull the fasteners off the mounting surface. Weights must be placed on the extra skirting material that is laying on the ground (on the inside of the pipe frame).

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