22 Billion Reasons To Install EZ Snap and Reduce your Energy Costs

Lower Your Energy Bills with EZ Snap Shades

22 Billion Reasons To Install EZ Snap and Reduce your Energy Costs

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According to ConsumerReports.org the average amount of money that is spent by American’s for air conditioning is $22 billion ($22,000,000,000) per year.

Exterior shading products like awnings and EZ Snap exterior window shades can reduce the need for air conditioning by 60% to 70%. Imagine the amount of money that could be saved each year if even just one percent of the population installed EZ Snap on their windows.

The cost for all this air conditioning is not just money. The carbon foot print for air-conditioning use is massive. Millions of metric tons of Co2 enter into the atmosphere every year from the power needed to fuel American’s air-conditioning needs.

Top 4 ways to reduce your need for air-conditioning:

  •  Install an exterior shading product like EZ Snap shades: This can reduce interior temperature by up to 15 degrees without using any electricity.
  • Turn on a fan: Fans help move air around the house making you feel cooler via the wind chill effect.
  • Use a dehumidifier: You have heard the saying, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. Lowering the humidity, increases the effectiveness of your body to cool itself.
  •  Plant trees to help shade your windows: This is the natural way to cool your home, but it can take decades to get results. EZ Snap is instant.

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