Congratulations to Yoko, our latest Contest Winner

Congratulations to Yoko, our latest Contest Winner

We’re happy to announce the latest winner of our ‘Win Your Purchase’ contest.

Congratulations to Yoko!

Here’s their winning review:

We got EZ exterior window shades for our 3 skylight windows. Before ordering, we called customer service for some questions, and the person who answered the phone was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Once we got the products, my husband put the adhesive studs on the skylight windows. Super easy! It took him less than 1 hour to put the studs on all 3 windows on the roof. After waiting for at least 24 hours, as instructed, he put the shade screen on the windows, again in about 1 hour. He said it was very easy.

Now how do we feel about it? We love it! Before the installation, our living room/kitchen can be really hot especially in the afternoon in summer when the sun hits the floor directly through the windows for few hours. Now with the shades, although the room still gets warmer, the temperature does not go up as much as it used to be. Definitely, we are saving some energy bills. We also like that the shades darken the room but do not completely block the sunlight.

Before we got the EZ exterior window shades, we explored the option of motorized blinds on our skylight windows. But it is very costly, and we heard a lot of trouble with them such as the remote stops working after a season. We chose EZ exterior window shades, because, hopefully, they will last long, and we can take them off in winter/fall, if we want.

So far, we enjoy the shades every day, and we are very happy with the purchase.

Congratulations again Yoko, and great job on the installation.

P.S. – If you have entered our contest and did not win this time, don’t worry; your entry will be also entered into our future draws as well.

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