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According to the U.S. fish and wildlife services, over 97,000,000 to 976,000,000 birds are killed each year in the U.S.A. alone, due to window strikes. The reflective surface of the glass makes it invisible to birds and they fly right into it at full force. They are either killed outright or suffer broken wings or legs, making them easy prey for predators or scavengers.

Bird Strike PreventionWe have had many of our customers who have used our product specifically to eliminate bird window strikes on their home. One customer had their home located in the middle of a large treed area and they would find dead birds almost every day. They installed their EZ Snap™ shades and the problem stopped instantly.

Why does EZ Snap’s™ exterior shade work so well? The truth is any type of exterior shade over the reflective glass would work just as well, we just happen to be the quick, inexpensive and easily installed version. When an EZ Snap™ shade is installed on the window, the reflective glass is hidden behind the shading mesh. Birds recognized the shades as a solid object and naturally avoid it. This virtually eliminates the problem of birds hitting the window.

When it comes to birds striking the glass, the worst thing you can do to our feathered friends, is to install window tinting. Window tinting makes it more likely a bird will strike the glass, since it makes the outward appearance of the window even more reflective. So there you have it. EZ Snap™ is one of the few products that not only saves energy, but also saves lives. For more info, go to our bird strike information page.