Why Skylights Shades And Skylight Blinds Are So Important

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Why Skylights Shades And Skylight Blinds Are So Important

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Excessive Heat from Skylights

One of the best ways to brighten up a dark room is a well-placed skylight or two. Skylights are fantastic for adding natural light to a home, but they are also one of the biggest sources for excessive heat buildup in a home.

Skylight-Shades-Product-ImageEven though skylights tend to be much smaller in size than the typical windows, they can easily allow too much heat and light into the home. This is due to the fact that they are placed on the roof, usually directly facing the sun. This location and angle allows the sun’s heating rays to directly enter the home, usually for most of the daylight hours. Interior blinds are helpful at reducing the excessive light that enters, but they do little to stop heat. As with any shade or blind to be effective, they must be installed on the outside of the skylite or window.

Exterior shades and blinds on skylights, not only shade the skylight glass itself; they also stop the heat before it enters the skylight glass.

Once the heat enters the home it’s too late. Heat continues to build up, eventually raising the interior temperature. The benefit of adding an exterior skylight shade like EZ snap to your skylight is that, not only do you stop up to 90% of the sun’s heat, but you retain the benefit of having filtered light from the skylight.

The trick is to stop the heat while still allowing lots of ambient light to enter. After all, extra light is why you have a skylight in the first place. Customers have told us that once they had their EZ Snap skylight blinds installed, the light from the skylight was softened and the glare and hot spots was reduced. Exterior Skylight blinds and shades like EZ Snap also have the added benefit of reducing the damaging U.V. rays entering the skylight.

If you are going to add shade to reduce your heat load, your skylights are the number one place to start.

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