Window Reflection Melts Vinyl Siding

Videos Showing Melted Siding in United States…

We receive several calls per month from homeowners with melted vinyl siding.

Most home owners are totally shocked to find out that reflecting sun from low e windows (neighbours’ or their own) has the power to cause sagging and warping vinyl siding. Once the shock wears off, their next question is, ‘How much does it cost to fix melting siding and how fast can you fix it?’

Fast & Inexpensive Fix for Melted Vinyl Siding

Exterior window shades stop the sun from reflecting off of the glass.

Win-Win… You end up not only stopping the sun from melting the siding, but the exterior window shade also substantially cools the room with the window.

A do-it-yourself exterior shade system like the EZ Snap exterior shades can be easily installed by someone with no previous experience.
They are also very affordable, costing a little over $2 per square foot.

If the offending window happens to be on your neighbour’s house, these exterior solar shades are so affordable, you can offer to install the EZ Snap exterior shades for free… saving your neighbour money on their air-conditioning bill, while instantly stopping the sun from damaging your vinyl siding.

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