The Stats Behind The Energy Savings of Exterior Shades

The Stats Behind The Energy Savings of Exterior Shades

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Exterior Shade is up to 7 Times More Effective

•    Exterior blinds and shades are up to 7 times more effective at stopping heat from entering the home than interior blinds or window tinting.
•    EZ Snap’s exterior shades block up to 90% of the sun’s heat
•    16% of the U.S. electricity is used for air conditioning.
•    43% of the U.S. peak energy load in the summer months is for air conditioning.
•    EZ Snap exterior shade screens can lower interior temperatures by up to 15 degrees F
•    Millions of birds could be saved annually if the use of exterior shades increased by as little as 10%
•    Cooling costs can be reduced by up to 60% by using an exterior window shade
•     Windows facing the summer sun can let in the equivalent amount of heat as a 1500 watt electric heater for every 10 sq/ft of glass
•    Exterior shades have 7 benefits in one product – Lower energy costs, increased comfort, reduced glare, reduced U.V. damage to the interior, day-time privacy, eliminate bird strikes, and windows look cleaner (less sun to reflect off of dirt)

Optical Grade Thermo-Weave by EZ Snap.

Blocks the Heat, But not the view.

EZ Snap Thermo weave exterior shade cloth. Blocks up to 90 % of the sun's heat without blocking the view.

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